June 7, 2023


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07-06-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : PNIe-T-05/EE/DWS/AGT-II/2023-24. Dated : 06/06/202328-06-2023Views Details
05-06-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 06/EE-BSLD/PWD (R&B)/2023-24. Dated : 31st May, 2023.30-06-2023Views Details
29-05-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 09/PNIeT/EE/PWD/SBM/DIV/2023-24. Dated : 25-05-2023.08-06-2023Views Details
27-05-2023PNIe-T No – 02/EE/KCP/2023-24 Dated, the, 16-05-2023.09-06-2023Views Details
25-05-2023PNIe-T No : 05/PNIeT/EE/DWS/BLN/2023-24.14-06-2023Views Details
24-05-2023PNIT No : 05/EE/PWD(R&B)/STB/2023-24 Dated : 19/05/2023.08-06-2023Views Details
22-05-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 04/NIT/EE/PWD/AMP/2023-24. Dated : 20-05-202309-06-2023Views Details
19-05-2023PNIT No : 08/EE/DD/PWD(R&B)/2023-24 Dated : 15/05/2023.05-06-2023Views Details
18-05-2023PNIe-T No : 04/EE/DWS/DIVN/UDP/2023-24 Date : 15/05/202306-06-2023Views Details
16-05-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 03/NIeT/EE-KLP/PWD(DWS)/2023-24.31-05-2023Views Details
10-05-2023PNIeT No : 04/PNIeT/EE/PWD/SBM/DIV/2023-24 Dated : 29-04-2023.07-06-2023Views Details
08-05-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 02/EE/PWD(G)/(R&B)/ GNT/2023-24 Dt. : 03-05-2023.25-05-2023Views Details
06-05-2023PNIT No. : 01/EE/PWD(DWS)/KMP/2023-24 Date : 02/05/2023.03-06-2023Views Details
02-05-2023Press Notice Inviting e-tender No : 01/EE/NH-DIV/PWD(NH)/KGT/2023-24 Dt. 29/04/2023.23-05-2023Views Details
01-05-2023PNIe-T No : 06/EE/PNIe-T/MECH.DIVN/AGT/2023-24 Dated : 28/04/2023.15-05-2023Views Details
28-04-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : EE-IED/PWD/AGT/07/2023-24 Dated : 28/04/2023.18-05-2023Views Details
26-04-2023PNIT No : 03/EE/PWD(R&B)/STB/2023-24 dated : 25-04-202315-05-2023Views Details
24-04-2023PNIeT No : 03/EE/PWD(DWS)/AMB/2023-24.11-05-2023Views Details
15-04-2023Press Notice Inviting E-Tender No : 01/PNIeT/EE/PWD/SBM/DIV/2023-24 Dated : 11-04-2023.25-04-2023Views Details
09-04-2023PNIe-T No.: -03/EE/DD/PWD(R&B)/2023-24. Dated : 05-04-202327-04-2023Views Details
02-04-2023RFP No-8/CPC/Plasma /DHS/2018-19(Sub-1) Date :- 01/04/202321-04-2023Views Details
02-04-2023DNIeT No & PNIeT No : CE (Buildings)/PWD/DNIT/ACE/Project Unit/102/2022-23 & 89/EE/MNP/PWD(R&B)/2022-23.18-04-2023Views Details
20-03-2023PNIeT No.: 33/EE/UDP-DIVN/UDP/2022-23. Dated: 13/03/2023.10-04-2023Views Details
13-03-2023Notice Inviting E-Tender For Carrying Of Agri Inputs In West/Khowai/ Sepahijala District During The Year 2023-24.Views Details