February 23, 2024


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21-02-2024PNIe-T No : 53/EE/DD/PWD(R&B)/2023-24 Dated : 13-02-2024.05-03-2024Views Details
21-02-2024DNIeT No. 37/EE/DWS/DIVN/SBM/2023-24 Date : 13/02/2024.Views Details
20-02-2024Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 26/EE/SNM/PWD/2023-24 Dt : 16/02/2024.11-03-2024Views Details

Short Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 17/EE/PWD(R&B)/AMB/2023-24 Dt. 15-02-2024.

01-03-2024Views Details
17-02-2024PNIT No : 35/NIT/EE/PWD/AMP/2023-24 Dated : 13-02- 202405-03-2024Views Details
17-02-2024PNIe-T No : 60/EE-I/2023-24 Dated, 15/02/202402-03-2024Views Details
16-02-2024Press NIeT No : 29/EE/DWS/DIVN/UDP/2023-24.  Dated : 09/02/2024.29-02-2024Views Details
13-02-2024PNIe-T No : 57/EE-I/2023-24 Dated : 09/02/2024.29-02-2024Views Details
12-02-2024Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 31/NIeT/EE-KLP/PWD(DWS)/2023-24.15-02-2024Views Details
12-02-2024PNIe-T No : 48/EE/DD/PWD(R&B)/2023-24 Dated : 08-02-2024.21-02-2024Views Details
09-02-2024PNIT No : 65/EE/MNP/PWD(R&B)/2023-24 Date : 06/02/2024.19-02-2024Views Details
08-02-2024PNIT No : 18/EE/PWD(R&B)/KMP/DIV/2023-24.20-02-2024Views Details
07-02-2024Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 27/EE(AGRI)/S/2023-24.12-02-2024Views Details
06-02-2024PNIe-T No :- 21/EE/DWS/DIVN/SBM/2023-2416-02-2024Views Details
03-02-2024 Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No: 26/NIeT/EE-KLP/PWD(DWS)/ 2023-24.09-02-2024Views Details
02-02-2024NOTICE INVITING e- Expression of Interest : Director, Horticulture & Soil Conservation invites e- Expression of Interest (EOI) for empanelment of Principal Firm /Local Authorized Dealer in two bid System.15-02-2024Views Details

PNIe-T No:-20/EE/DWS/DIVN/SBM/2023-24.

06-02-2024Views Details
30-01-2024PNIeT No : 42/EE/UDP-DIVN/UDP/2023-24 Dated : 20/01/2023.20-02-2024Views Details
25-01-2024Press Notice Inviting E-Tender No : 41/EE/UDP-DIVN/UDP/2023-24 Dated : 16.01.2024.15-02-2024Views Details
16-01-2024Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 17/PNIe-T/EE/WRD-IV/BLN/2023-24 Dt.: 09-01-202408-02-2024Views Details
12-01-2024PNIe-T No. : 19/EE/DWS/DIVN/SBM/2023-2422-01-2024Views Details
11-01-2024PNIT No : 25/EE/RD/SNMD/2023-2429-01-2024Views Details
10-01-2024Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 16/EE/KD/2023-24 Date : 30/12/2023.19-01-2024Views Details
09-01-2024PNIe-T No : 41/EE/DD/PWD(R&B)/2023-24 Dated : 01-01-202422-01-2024Views Details
06-01-2024Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 24/NIeT/EE-KLP/PWD(DWS)/2023-2410-01-2024Views Details

Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 20/EE/PWD(G)/(R&B)/GNT/2023-24  Dt. : 30-12-2023

24-01-2024Views Details
01-01-2024NIT No : e-PNIT-27/EE/RDD/STC/2023-2024 Dated : 30/12/2023.Views Details
31-12-2023PNIT No : 77/EE/CCD/PWD/2023-24   Dated, 26th December, 2023.16-01-2024Views Details
27-12-2023PNIT No : 28/EE/PWD(R&B)/STB/2023-24 Dated : 21-12-202311-01-2024Views Details
21-12-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 20/EE/DWS/AGT-II/2023-24 Dated : 15/12/202326-12-2023Views Details
20-12-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 21/EE/DWS/AGT-II/2023-24 Dated : 19/12/2023.26-12-2023Views Details
19-12-2023PNIT No : 11/EE/PWD(DWS)/KMP/2023-24.12-01-2024Views Details
19-12-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 37/EE/ENGG.CELL/DSE/2023-24 Date : 15/12/2023.06-01-2024Views Details
15-12-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 19/EE/KCP/2023-24 Dated : 29-11-2023.20-12-2023Views Details
07-12-2023Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) No : 11/EE/Divn.III/PWD(R&B)/2023-24.19-12-2023Views Details
06-12-2023PNIeT No: 25/EE/DWS-I/2023-24 Dated 01-12-2023.22-12-2023Views Details
05-12-2023PNIe-T No : 37/EE-I/2023-24 Dated 29/11/2023.29-12-2023Views Details
02-12-2023Press Notice Inviting Tender No. e-PT-XXIV/EE/RD/STB/2023-24 Dated-24/11/202319-12-2023Views Details
28-11-2023PNIeT No : 31/EE/UDP-DIVN/UDP/2023-24 Dated : 22/11/2023.07-12-2023Views Details
26-11-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No: EE-IED/UDP/23/2023-24. Dated : 23/11/2023.12-12-2023Views Details
22-11-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No: 18/EE/KLSD/2023-24. Dated – 20-11-2023.12-12-2023Views Details
15-11-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 16/EE/PWD (G)/(R&B)/ GNT/2023-24 Date : 08-11-2023.30-11-2023Views Details
10-11-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 07/EE/NH-DIV/PWD(NH)/ KGT/2023-24  Date : 08-11-2023.28-11-2023Views Details
07-11-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : PNIe-T No. 27/EE/DWS/DMN/ 2023-24. 21-11-2023Views Details
03-11-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 20/EE-JRN/PWD/2023-24 Date : 31-10-202330-11-2023Views Details
01-11-2023Inviting Tender : Project: Enhancement of Landscape and Ecosystem Management Project (P.179935) .Views Details
31-10-2023PNIe-T No :- 14/EE/DWS/DIVN/SBM/2023-24.08-11-2023Views Details
17-10-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 14/EE/PWD(G)/(R&B)/GNT/2023-24 Date : 12-10-202303-11-2023Views Details
13-10-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 27/PNIeT/EE/PWD/SBM/DIV/2023-24. Dated : 10-10-2023.20-10-2023Views Details
11-10-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 13/NIeT/EE-KLP/PWD(DWS)/2023-24.30-10-2023Views Details
10-10-2023Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) No : 10/EE/Divn.III/PWD (R&B)/2023-24.19-10-2023Views Details
05-10-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 25/PNIeT/EE/PWD/SBM/DIV/2023-24  Dated : 27-09-202311-10-2023Views Details
03-10-2023Invites e-Tender for ‘Hiring of Maruti Swift Dzire (Petrol) vehicle for Official use for the Vice-Principal Cum Chief Medical Superintendent,
at Agartala Government Medical College & GBP Hospital, Agartala Tripura (W).
17-10-2023Views Details
27-09-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 16/EE/KLSD/2023-24  Dated : 22-09-2023.12-10-2023Views Details
22-09-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : PNIe-T No. 21/EE/DWS/DMN/2023-24.09-10-2023Views Details
13-09-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 14/EE/KCP/2023-24 Dated : 06-09-2023.29-09-2023Views Details
06-09-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 11/EE-JRN/PWD/2023-24 Dated : 02-09-2023.22-09-2023Views Details
30-08-2023PNIeT No. F. 13/EE/PWD(R&B)/KHW/2023-24 Dated : 23-08-2023Views Details
28-08-2023PNIT No : 16/EE/PWD(R&B)/STB/2023-24 Dated : 21-08-2023.11-09-2023Views Details
24-08-2023 PNIe-T No-11/EE/KCP/2023-24      Dated, the  18.08. 2023.Views Details
21-08 -2023 Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 14/EE(PWD)/BLN/2023-24 Dated : 16-08-202308-09-2023Views Details
18-08-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 13/EE(PWD)/BLN/2023-24 Dated : 10-08-202304-09-2023Views Details
16-08-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 09/EE-JRN/PWD/2023-24. Dated : 09-08-2023.04-09-2023Views Details
10-08-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No: 14/PNIeT/EE/PWD/SBM/DIV/2023-24. Dated – 07-08-2023.21-08-2023Views Details
09-08-2023PNIe-T No : 21/EE/DD/PWD(R&B)/2023-24 Dated : 08/08/2023.29-08-2023Views Details
07-08-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No. EE-IED/PWD/AGT/36 Dated. 23/08/2023.23-08-2023Views Details
04-08-2023Invites Sealed Cover Tenders /Quotations From The Bonafied Suppliers /Manufacture Firms To Supply Of Tyre, Tube & Flaps For The MT Fleet Of 1st Bn Tripura State Rifles.25-08-2023Views Details
02-08-2023Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) No : 06/EE/Divn.III/PWD (R&B)/2023-24.22-08-2023Views Details
01-08-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 07/PNIe-T/EE/WRD-IV/BLN/2023-24 Dt. 24-07-2023.18-08-2023Views Details
28-07-2023NIet. No.F.21 (3-1) Agri (SS)/2023-24/2254, Dated : 26/07/202316-08-2023Views Details
26-07-2023NIT No : 33/SE/ENGG.CELL/DSE/2023-24.16-08-2023Views Details
24-07-2023PNIT No : No.F.8(6)/H&SC/TM/2016-17/2019-20/2020-21/2256 Dated : 14-07-202311-08-2023Views Details
17-07-2023Press NIeT No : 11/EE/DWS/DIVN/UDP/2023-24. Dated : 14/07/2023.04-08-2023Views Details
15-07-2023PNIeT No : 16/EE/PWD(DWS)/AMB/2023-2405-08-2023Views Details
14-07-2023PNIe-T No : 18/EE/DD/PWD(R&B)/2023-24 Dated : 13-07-2023.02-08-2023Views Details
13-07-2023PNIT No : 05/EE/PWD(R&B)/KMP/DIV/2023-24.Views Details
12-07-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 13/EE-BSLD/PWD(R&B)/2023-24. Dated : 28th June 2023.21-07-2023Views Details
10-07-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 11/EE-BRG/PWD/2023-24. Dated : 05/07/2023.27-07-2023Views Details
07-07-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 10/EE/PWD(G)/(R&B)/GNT/2023-24. Dated : 06-07-2023.28-07-2023Views Details
06-07-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 08/EE/DWS/AGT-II/2022-23. Dated : 05-07-2023.26-07-2023Views Details
04-07-2023Notice Inviting e-Tender No. : 06/EE(AGRI)/S/2023-24.21-07-2023Views Details
03-07-2023PNIe-T No : 24/EE/PNIe-T/MECH.DIVN/AGT/2023-24  
Dated : 23/06/2023
14-07-2023Views Details
02-07-2023PNIe-T No : 23/EE/PNIe-T/MECH.DIVN/AGT/2023-24 Dated : 22/06/2023.07-07-2023Views Details
30-06-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No. : 06/EE/KD/2023-24. Date : 28/06/202319-07-2023Views Details
28-06-2023e–Tender is invited for determining the single F.O.R.10-07-2023Views Details
27-06-2023PNIeT No : 01/EE/DWS/SD/AGT/2023-24      Date : 22/06/202312-07-2023Views Details
23-06-2023Press NIT No : 09/EE/WRD-II/2023-2024 Dated : 21/06/2023.12-07-2023Views Details
22-06-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : EE-IED/PWD/AGT/22/2023-24. Dated : 21/06/2023.12-07-2023Views Details
19-06-2023 PNIeT No : 14/EE/TUDA/2022-23      Dated : 14-06-2023.12-07-2023Views Details
17-06-2023PNIeT No : 09/EE/PWD(DWS)/AMB/2023-24.01-07-2023Views Details
17-06-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No. : 05/EE/SNM/PWD/2023-24. Dt ; 09/06/202312-07-2023Views Details
17-06-2023Tender FEF. No. F. 5-II(1)/Store/Chemical Reagent/DHS/2023-24.03-07-2023Views Details
10-06-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 04/EE/SNM/PWD/2023-24. Dated : 08/06/202322-06-2023Views Details
08-06-2023PNIT No : 06/EE/PWD(R&B)/KHW/2023-24       Date : 02/06/2023Views Details
07-06-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : PNIe-T-05/EE/DWS/AGT-II/2023-24. Dated : 06/06/202328-06-2023Views Details
05-06-2023Press Notice Inviting e-Tender No : 06/EE-BSLD/PWD (R&B)/2023-24. Dated : 31st May, 2023.30-06-2023Views Details