July 14, 2024


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Ampi BJP Mandal Observed International Yoga Day 2024.                 

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Ampi, 21st of June 2024 :   With the initiative of Ampi BJP mandal  International Yoga Day 2024 has been observed with great enthusiasm & dignity in market temple premises. Under the able guidance & supervision of Ampi mandal general secretary Prasanta Saha BJP senior activists as well as youngsters have taken participation in the event with good promptness. Following the theme of the year 2024, ‘Yoga for self and society’ the event has showcased well. In 2024 Indian prime minister honourable Narendra Modi has proposed the idea of celebrating the day on 21st of June during his address to 69th of session of the United Nation General Assembly.

The mandal secretary has taken active part in the event to motivate the activists towards the immense significance of Yoga practice to obtain a healthy life. He  has performed different kinds of yoga proportional with the organization members in the yoga class to generate inspiration amidst the participants and imparted good tips to the activists over the essentiality of yoga practice in their  daily life to maintain better health. Ampi mandal president Shibnath Jamatia has emphasized over the importance of yoga to keep mind and body fit. 

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