October 2, 2023


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Assam Rifles Commemorated 92th Martyrdom Day Of Freedom Fighter Haipou Jadonang At Senapati And Tamenglong District In Manipur.

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Assam Rifles along with locals and Civil Administration came together to commemorate the death anniversary of revered Naga freedom fighter Haipou Jadonang on 29 Aug 23 at Kambiron village, Khoupum Valley, Sankhomei village, Senapati district and Tamenglong district.

The commemoration of the Liberation Fighter Haipou Jadonang Martyrdom Day holds a significant place in our history as it honours the sacrifice and unwavering spirit of Haipou Jadonang, a valiant freedom fighter. On this solemn occasion, we remember his relentless struggle against colonial oppression and his fervent efforts to preserve the indigenous beliefs and culture. Haipou Jadonang’s courage and determination continue to inspire generations, reminding us of the importance of standing up for justice and equality. As we gather to honour his martyrdom, we reflect on the ideals he upheld and the sacrifices he made for the cause of our Nation’s Independence.

The event was attended by the Great grand son of Haipou Jadonang, Mr G Malangmei along with the other elders and locals of Kambiron and nearby villages. As part of celebrations a set of activities were organised at Gaidimjang, Khoupum Valley which included Wreath laying ceremony, Women’s Volleyball match, Men’s Football match, Tug of war and a medical camp organized by a team of doctors from Assam Rifles. The celebrations at Sankhomei and Senapati included paying of tribute to the freedom fighter followed by a cultural event and the celebrations at Tamenglong included a painting competition for local students on the theme of Haipou Jadonang.

The aim of the event was to acknowledge the contribution of Haipou Jadonang in nation’s freedom movement and his efforts in promoting social reforms.