June 9, 2023


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Assembly Election In Ampi 41 Constituency Accomplished Peacefully.

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The Assembly election of 2023 in Ampi 41 constituency under Ampinagar RD block, Gomati Tripura has been accomplished peacefully. In 22 ADC villages of Ampinagar RD block in total 54 booth centres are there where in all centres there were tight security management has been disposed to maintain proper law and order in the entire block. To manage the voting process peaceful adequate central force has been deployed in every polling station.

As per the report, there is no any kind of violence in any centre of the constituency. But in some booth centres public suffered due to EVM machine functioning issue. In Chechua and Tentui Bari the voting procedure was slow and till evening people were waiting to vote. In Jhantrana Para polling station there was an interruption. About 2 hours the EVM machine did not work and people was waiting to vote patiently. For creating disturbance in the polling station in intoxicated condition one youth has been arrested from the school of TMC High School in Kasku Bari under 41 Ampi constituency.

As per the latest report, average vote casting in 54 polling stations under Ampi 41 constituency is 90 percentage. In Ampi constituency there are about 41000 voters where about 7000 voters are belong to Bengali community. All Bengali and Indigenous people applied their fundamental right side by side maintaining law and order. Under the tight security of the local police and central force all the party leaders as BJP, TIPRA Motha, IPFT and CPIM were found in normal condition; no excitement or any kind of communal violence in the voting period.