July 12, 2024


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Borzo To Move Its Headquarters To Mumbai.

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Mumbai, 1st of July, 2024 : Borzo (erstwhile WeFast), a global intracity same-day delivery service has announced that the company is moving its headquarters from Amsterdam to Mumbai. The decision to make this strategic move is driven by the increasing significance of the Indian market in Borzo’s overall business strategy. As of today, Borzo operates in various countries in Asia and Latin America.

Borzo’s new CEO, Alina Kisina, announced the shift of headquarters at Borzo Connect, a comprehensive conference organized by the company in Mumbai that focused on addressing the unique challenges faced by Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

With India currently serving as Borzo’s largest market, the company recognizes the immense potential for growth and expansion within the country. Currently, Borzo has over 200,000 active delivery partners across 22 cities and they intend to further increase it in 2024.

Keeping India as the axis for all of Borzo’s global operations especially Asia, the shift will help the company expand further and operate efficiently in the emerging economies of the continent. By establishing Mumbai as the central hub, Borzo aims to leverage its capabilities and capitalize on opportunities in India at a larger scale. Currently, Borzo has presence in 22 Indian cities and is focusing on increasing the density of operations in each city.

The company launched in India in 2016 as WeFast and later globally rebranded in 2021 as ‘Borzo’. Since its launch in India, it has served the SMB segment for over 7 years and ventured into the enterprise hyperlocal segment in 2022 to drive growth. Borzo has grown exponentially in India with the country contributing approximately 50% to its global revenue.

Commenting on the headquarters relocation, Ms. Alina Kisina, CEO, Borzo, stated, “The decision to shift the Borzo HQ to India is a reaffirmation of the company’s focus on capturing the India opportunity and expanding our client base and business. We aim to scale up our operations and leverage the exceptional talent within Borzo. We will be further expanding BorzoCentres in India, recognizing the value they bring to our global operations. Additionally, we remain committed to investing in high-quality talent and enhancing our infrastructure to continually improve our capabilities. “

“Borzo’s headquarters relocation to Mumbai marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey, underscoring its commitment to capitalizing on the immense potential of the Indian market and reinforcing its position as a key player in the delivery services industry. Borzo’s India business has grown multifold in the last 7 years, positioning us as one of the strongest players in the SMB segment. Now we expect to penetrate more markets and realize its full potential. We thank all our customers and delivery partners who have trusted us and contributed to our growth as we embark on this new global journey from India” said Eugene Panfilov, Managing Director, Borzo India.

About Borzo

Borzo is a global delivery service that enables intra-city delivery for businesses. Deliveries range from on-demand and hyperlocal and can be performed via any route, any transport, at any weight or size, for a competitive price. Their algorithms optimize numerous parallel deliveries taking into account the geographical routes, packages’ contents, couriers, and many others to ensure the feasibility of the same-day delivery. The services are available in various countries in Asia and Latin America are used by over 250 thousand active couriers and over 1.5 million customers ranging from individuals to enterprises with the main focus on hyperlocal and SMEs.

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