April 24, 2024


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Chakmaghat Barrage In Precarious Condition And Disaster May Strike Any Time.

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Teliamura, 23rd of February 2024 : After several hours of continuous rain, the water flow of Khowai river increased and the old dam of Chakmaghat was broken. The people are afraid of the danger that the switch gate will break and the water of Khowai river will flow towards Teliamura city at any time. The incident occurred at Chakmaghat barrage in Teliamura sub-division.

According to the sources, gate number six of the seven iron switch gates of Chakmaghat dam was almost damaged due to excess water in the bay after a few hours on Thursday. At the same time, due to the flow of water in the other six gates, the water flows over the switch gates at an excessive speed, causing these switch gates to move so much that the entire barrage shakes, local people complain.

On Friday, the common people of the area are expressing fear that if do not take any action about this barrage and no arrangements are made to repair Gate No. 6, then a major accident may happen at any time. Meanwhile, according to local sources, gate number six of this dam was repaired once 12 years ago. But later it was alleged that no serious work was done to repair this dam. As a result, Gate No. 6 of Chakmaghat Dam is currently in a critical condition.

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