May 30, 2023


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Dispute In The Kalyanpur Indane Gramin Vitrak Gas Distribution Center.

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There has been a dispute in the Kalyanpur Indane Gramin Vitrak gas distribution center for a long time regarding the division of family property. The news of this disturbance or fight had a great effect throughout Kalyanpur. But the surprising thing is that, due to this problem, the gas consumers of a wide area are suffering day after day, but for unknown reasons, the administration is not taking a positive role, as a result, the people of the area are angry.

Today i.e. Wednesday (14th December, 2022) morning, when the gas came in front of the local gas distribution center, there was a problem, the distribution of gas was stopped due to the chaotic situation in a moment, the common people came from far and wide to get gas and started showing displeasure for not getting gas.

Sources said that, Meheli Paul Chowdhury, the owner of the gas agency, whose husband Shibshankar Paul is working as a Headmaster of a school in Hapania area of ​​the capital, takes the agency in his own name but never comes to the agency, instead, the agency is managed by his relatives.

Meheli Paul Chowdhury’s brother-in-law Joy Shankar Paul and others in the family complain that this agency is standing on illegal land, besides, the agency will not be allowed to continue in this place due to various family problems.

DCM Anjan Das came to the news of the whole incident and promised to solve the problem by taking strict administrative measures within a week, the situation like today was brought under control. Now to watch, what steps are being taken to resolve the issue?