October 2, 2023


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Drinking Water Woes Hit Praja Bahadur Molsom Para Under Mungiakami RD Block.

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The remote area under Mungiakami Rd Block is called Nunachhara after a rhyme under Praja Bahadur Molsom Para. Actually the name of this rhyme was Nunachhara. The water from this brackish water falls into Gomti River and Khowai River. But the water in the area around is salty. It seems like a story, but it is real. A few years ago, a drinking water source was being constructed under the initiative of the administration in Praja Bahadur Molsom Para of Nunachhara ADC Village. But because the water was salty, the construction of the source was stopped at that time. Later, considering the problems of the local people, some sources of drinking water were solved.

According to a resident of the area, if water is collected from this water source, the water turns into salt after a few hours. But this salt is unsuitable for use as it is mixed with stones and sand. If the water from this source is tested and found to be indeed salt, the fortunes of the peoples of the area could also turn. The administration should take such initiatives. The people of the area are expressing fear that the main secret of the water turning into salt can be revealed only with the intervention of the administration. Another thing to note is that when the water in the area was connected by fire, fire was also witnessed in the water. According to local residents, it may be due to underground gas.

The local residents also said that nothing can be said without a proper test by the administration. There are about 60 people of Molsom community living in that Praja Bahadur Molsom Para area. Jhum farming is their only source of income. At present, the opinion of the local people is that even if the drinking water is provided by the Government, it is not suitable for drinking if it is salty. So now if some kind of alternative arrangement is made to their demands, the local residents will benefit. So that they can drink pure and salt free water. Because their only hope of drinking water now is the tap water which is also dirty and impure. Local residents are constantly getting sick after drinking this water. The villagers living in this area for almost 80 years, have now appealed for a permanent solution.