July 17, 2024


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Fashion Entrepreneur Fund And Ujjwal Pagariya Hosts An Interactive Session With Malaika Arora Ahead Of Dinner Night.

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New Delhi, Delhi, 1st of July, 2024 : The Fashion Entrepreneur Fund (FEF), venture studio committed to nurturing creativity in the fashion industry, joined hands with the prestigious Jain International Trade Organization, Nagpur Chapter (JITO) and hosted a luxurious dinner along with the Mr. Ujjwal Pagariya, Chairman of Pagariya Groups.

Hosted at the majestic palace of Mr. Pagariya in Nagpur, the dinner night anchored by renowned Indian Television Actor Jay Bhanushali was full of glitz, glamour and glitterati amidst the presence of high-profile industry leaders and business tycoons. The event’s highlight was Bollywood’s heartthrob Ms. Malaika Arora, the renowned fashion icon and keynote speaker for Fashion Entrepreneur Fund (FEF), who delivered an inspiring address to a distinguished audience comprising entrepreneurs and business magnates.

The event was graced by the pivotal presence of Ms. Manju Yagnik, Mr. Vinod Dugar and Ms. Sonali Dugar, Directors of FEF, alongside Mr. Sanjay Nigam, the Founder of FEF. Their commitment to nurturing innovation and fostering growth in the fashion industry radiated throughout the esteemed gathering.

Among the exceptional roster of guests were industry luminaries such as Mr. Devendra Fadnavis (Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra) and Mr. Nitin Gadkari (Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India) adding further prestige to the event.

Ms. Malaika Arora captivated the audience with her insights on the evolving fashion industry, emphasizing the crucial roles of innovation and resilience. She stated, “The future of fashion entrepreneurship is about pushing boundaries, embracing sustainability, and daring to innovate. With the Fashion Entrepreneur Fund (FEF), we are equipping tomorrow’s visionaries with the tools to create and inspire. Together, we can shape a dynamic, transformative industry.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the collaboration, Mr. Sanjay Nigam, Founder of the Fashion Entrepreneur Fund (FEF), exclaimed, “We’re elated to align with Mr. Ujjwal Pagariya at JITO Nagpur Chapter, a nexus of ideas and prospects. At FEF, our mission is to empower emerging fashion entrepreneurs, and this platform has provided us with an ideal avenue to engage with fellow visionaries and industry leaders. We extend our sincere appreciation to Ms. Malaika Arora for gracing us with her presence and sharing her invaluable insights and experiences.”

Mr. Vagish Pathak, Chairman of Fashion Entrepreneur Fund (FEF) expressed, “In the gracious hospitality of Mr. Ujjwal Pagariya and in collaboration with JITO Nagpur Chapter, Fashion Entrepreneur Fund (FEF) is delighted to have facilitated an evening where innovation and luxury converged. The event not only celebrated the spirit of entrepreneurship in fashion but also reaffirmed our dedication to encouraging creativity and empowering the next wave of fashion pioneers.

The night started with DCM. Shri Davender Fadnavis Felicitation and speech and further showcased dynamic panel discussions, interactive networking sessions with prominent speakers like Arshina Sumbul, Miss Grand 2023 & Candice Pinto, all geared towards fostering collaboration and propelling the fashion industry to new heights and came to an end with live entertainment by award-winning music-director and singer Amit Trivedi’s extravagant performance. The panel discussions focused on the booming fashion industry projected to reach Rs. 125 billion soon. They emphasized social responsibility, especially in supporting young entrepreneurs and backing initiatives like Make in India. A key highlight was the Fashion Entrepreneur Fund (FEF), addressing long-standing funding challenges for fashion startups. Panelists highlighted FEF’s venture studio model, offering more than just financial backing-mentorship, strategic guidance, and crucial resources. These discussions underlined a collective vision for collaboration, innovation, and sustainable growth in fashion.

Attendees had the privilege of engaging with industry luminaries like Mr. C P Gurnani (CEO & Managing Director, Tech Mahindra), Mr. Jaxay Shah (Founder, Savvy Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.), and Mr. Sanjay Ghodawat (Founder and Chairman, Sanjay Ghodawat Group), enhancing the overall experience.

The Fashion Entrepreneur Fund remains committed to supporting emerging designers and startups, continuing their mission to revolutionize the fashion industry.

About the Fashion Entrepreneur Fund (FEF)

Fashion Entrepreneur Fund (FEF), a groundbreaking initiative, fosters a collaborative ecosystem within the fashion industry. Backed by an initial significant investment of Rs. 20 crore, FEF empowers individuals in the fashion sector, turning their aspirations into flourishing enterprises. This pioneering venture aims to cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship, providing essential resources and mentorship to budding talents. By bridging gaps and offering support, FEF propels the growth and success of emerging businesses, enriching the fabric of the fashion landscape. With its robust foundation and visionary approach, FEF sets the stage for transformative change and sustainable growth in the industry.

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