July 14, 2024


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Flytrap.In Hosts Strategic Farmers’ Meet In Ramanagara & Kolar To Empower Sericulturists In Karnataka.

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New Delhi, Delhi, 6th of July 2024 : FlyTrap.in, a globally renowned 30-year-old US Group specialising in offering a perfect and pragmatic solution to ease the menace of flies for various sectors has launched a series of initiatives in Ramanagara and Kolar in Karnataka for Sericulturists. This comes in the wake of company’s concerted efforts to popularise the product thereby boosting production. To this end, the company organised awareness sessions and free distribution of Flytrap Bags at Farmers’ Meet at the Government Cocoon Market, Office of the Deputy Director, Department of Sericulture. This was disclosed by Mr Gaurav Aggarwal, Director of FlyTrap.in. Senior Government officials Mr. S.N. Srinivas, Deputy Director, Dept. of Sericulture, Govt. of Karnataka, Dr. J. B. Narendra Kumar, Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles. Govt. of India and Mr. B.M. Shankare Gowda, President, Kolar Sericulture Farmer Producer Company Ltd. were present on the occasion during the launch including key distributors.

The key objective of the company was to create awareness among Sericulture farmers on how to control the manifestation of Uzi flies which almost destroys 25% of their productivity! The educative session evoked an overwhelming response from the farmer fraternity and boosted the confidence of distributors.

Flytrap Bags is manufactured and marketed in India by FlyTrap.in and is customised for Indian conditions. Devoted to transforming micro businesses at the India-grassroots level (rural, semi-urban) where 68% of India resides and prospers, FlyTrap kills only flies as its nontoxic-organic component is harmful to only flies and is harmless to other animals and humans. All you need is to add a glass of water to its potent mixture and hang its disposable bag in a suitable open place for around 30 days, it attracts and kills flies like a magic magnet while collecting dead flies in its bag!

When Flytrap’s biodegradable, easy-to-use bag gets filled with dead flies, simply replace it with a fresh bag and start removing more of the dangerous flies in a new convenient way. Now easily, safely & intelligently kill one of your biggest enemy- flies to boost your business progress, profits and reputation with the peace of mind you deserve! 

To learn more about this award-winning miracle flies’ killer and business booster just visit www.flytrap.in and a series of educative YouTube posts viz www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzORzSZKhIU. Extremely cost-effective, the Flytrap box containing three bags is nominally priced at Rs 999/- per box and is available at introductory price of Rs. 699/- per box.

Elaborating on the Karnataka initiative, Mr. Aggarwal said, “Since inception, we are driven to offer solutions that are easy to use, pocket-friendly and are environmentally compliant. Flytrap (www.Flytrap.in), is a US-based parent company and a global winner since 1994. FlyTrap was first brought to India in 2009 after many years of in-depth research, extensive educative marketing and sales outreach. FlyTrap’s operations took off in a big manner in 2019. While initially focused on poultry and dairy farms, Covid’s lockdown brought in a new customer base in Sericulture farms through social media influencers and since then there is no looking back! The Sericulture was a game changer as this sector got a huge respite from flies thereby boosting production.

Detailing further, Mr. Aggarwal said, “Currently, the global Sericulture market is valued at $20 billion dollars in 2024 which is about 2000 crores rupees approx. The projected estimate is $31 billion by 2031. Interestingly, India is the second largest producer of raw silk in the world. Of this, Karnataka alone produces more than 11,000 metric tons of raw silk annually. Engaging over 27 lakh sericulture farmers in India and more than 97 lakh people involved in the sericulture industry, it offers immense potential. With the total demand of silk in India alone clocking at approx. 65000 MT, there are 32 silk farms functioning under the Department of Sericulture and over Rs. 1000 crores worth of silk is being produced in India annually.”

As regards the Uzi flies in Sericulture industry, these pose a huge threat to silkworms. Under normal conditions, few Uzi flies can cause up to 15% damage to the silkworm cocoon production. But once the silkworm rearing farm is infested with Uzi flies, the damage can easily rise up to 80% which can result in total disruption of the industry. It’s a real menace to the Sericulture industry.”

Adding further, “We are delighted to see the response from the farmers as they came in huge numbers to listen to our session and watch a detailed demonstration of Flytrap bags. Their queries were all well attended by our team. We were very happy to distribute the Flytrap Bags as samples to farmers with product pamphlets. We are hopeful that with the use of these effective Flytrap Bags, they will be able to boost their production and efficiency. We intend hosting more awareness sessions in other regions of Karnataka and also in other states where industries like Dairy, Poultry etc are hugely impacted by various kinds of flies.” 

About Flytrap.in

Flytrap bags are manufactured at the state-of-the-art manufacturing factory based in New Delhi, under license from US Parent with strict adherence to global quality standards. Currently, Flytrap Bags are marketed through its company’s own website – FlyTrap.in, eCommerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. and distribution network in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The company is on an impressive growth trajectory to launch it in other states. A strategic and a larger gameplan is in place for this product. The company has invested over 4 crores in growing its sales network and digital outreach. The company is passionate towards making Flytrap the ‘Make-In-India’ initiative and address farmers‘ problems. 

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