December 8, 2023


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Govinda Para Of Teliamura Without Electricity 3 Continuous Days.

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With the arrival of summer, people in villages and hills are suffering from power outages.  The whole area has been without electricity for three days because the people of the power department are going around.  The minister of the department is constantly trying to keep the power system of the state intact.  But due to the negligence of some responsible personnel, the common people are suffering as well as the power department is being defamed by various quarters.  The residents of Govinda Para under Teliamura Electricity Department are facing difficulties due to power cut for the three days. The local residents expressed their anger because of the lack of initiative to repair the office.  On the other hand hot and rain storm. People are already in trouble.  Again, in three days without electricity, a kind of superstitious local residents. Even after reporting the complaint to the electricity department, nothing is being done. They promise to repair it every day, but the repair is not done anymore. Meanwhile, due to the lack of electricity, the local residents now rely on bottle lamps.  As the evening approaches, the only source of light is kerosene bottle lamps. Complaints on the one hand are that due to lack of light, it is difficult to do household work, as well as the feeding of young children is also happening. As soon as the electricity is repaired and normalized.

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