July 14, 2024


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Honorable Union Minister Of Home And Cooperation Shri Amit Shah Today Addressed The IGF Annual Investment Summit – NXT10.

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Mumbai, 6th of February 2024 : : Honorable Union Minister of Home and Cooperation Shri Amit Shah today addressed the IGF Annual Investment Summit – NXT10.

Speaking on the occasion Shri Shah said the next election will determine the future of the nation for the next 25 years. Modi Ji in the last 10 years has transformed the nation on all fronts and laid a new foundation. The next five years will decide where the nation will be in the next 25 years when Bharat will be celebrating its 100th year of independence.

The next election is very important. It is not only the festival of democracy but also the festival of welfare for the poor and us it is the festival of synergizing tradition and technology and ensuring democracy and security.

Under the leadership of Modi Ji our nation is heading towards becoming a self-confident, self-reliant, from dormant to a dynamic government, from regressive to progressive growth, from a fragile economy to a top economy. I believe that this journey of ours will continue for the next decades and the goal set by Modi ji and the Parliament to become a fully developed nation, self-reliant nation and one of the top three economies by the 15th of August 2047 will be achieved.

We have the performance of 10 years and the roadmap for the next 25 years. We are going into the election with immense enthusiasm under the leadership of Narendra Modi Ji.

If we have to understand what our nation achieved in the last 10 years we will have to know where we were in the 10 years before it.

Ten years ago the economy was in shambles. The trust of the investors was lost. Scams worth Rs.12 lakh crore had shaken the confidence of the nation. The machinations of crony capitalism were at its peak. Inflation was skyrocketing, fiscal deficit was out of control, we were at the lowest rank in ease of doing business. Our ratings were plummeting constantly and it was getting difficult to make the balance sheets of the banks.

Along with that, the security of the nation was in its poorest condition. Blasts and terror attacks ruled the headlines and women were also insecure.

By the time Narendra Modi assumed office of the prime minister the nation by then had spent 30 years of political instability due to alliance governments. After a long period of 30 years, the nation had given a unified mandate in favor of Narendra Modi Ji.

The previous 10 years before the beginning of the Modi period were invisible from Bharat’s growth story be it in the field of security, innovation, economy or education.

But after the 10 years of the Modi government is over I would like to tell you that the nation’s average inflation from 2004-14 was 8.2% and it was in double digits in 2010, 2011 and 2013. Today we are maintaining an inflation rate below 5%. The BJP government has reformed the banks, corrected forex mismanagement and started a different kind of politics.

For decades our politics was afflicted with the ailments of dynasticism, casteism corruption and appeasement. Merits stood no chance here. Modi Ji in the last 10 years has enshrined the politics of performance in our society. As a result the governments that perform get elected repeatedly.

The Sonia Manmohan’s government continued for 10 years. Many columnists named it as a policy paralysis government. It was such a government that no one could decide who its leader was. Every minister took himself to be the prime minister and no one took the prime minister to be the prime minister. They could not make a single policy in 10 years. But Modi Ji decided to govern the based on policies. In 10 years more than 40 policies were made. If I have to talk about our economy then I will have to point out the PLI Policy, National Policy on Electronics, Make in India, Start-Up India, Stand Up India, Skill India, GST, DHRUV, Digital India, Quantum Mission, New Education Policy, Skill Policy, Space Policy, Drone Policy, Green hydrogen Mission Policy, Govardhan and Green India. All these policies have given our economy shape and shown the best example of a policy-driven state.

From the Congress party’s record itself, I can say that if a government continues for 50 years it can make 5 important decisions. They ruled for 50 years but they cannot point out five big decisions taken by them. But in the last 10 years, the Modi government has taken more than 50 epochal decisions and the entire world will agree that these decisions have changed the condition and the direction of the nation.

I want to give you some examples here. We implemented demonetization in 2016 to curb corruption and fake currencies. In 2017 we introduced the GST took major decisions to solve the problems caused by NPAs, expanded the digital landscape to the last person in the queue by connecting Jandhan Adhar and Mobile, and sent a message to the entire nation that messing around with Bharat’s Army and its borders is no joke by surgical and air strike, gave crores of Muslim women their rights by ending Triple Talaq, by passing the CAA Bill we gave citizenship to persecuted people from neighbouring countries, integrated Kashmir with India forever by abrogating Article 370 and 35 (A).

The New Education Policy we have introduced has the future Bharat in it and the fragrance of our culture. We opened up our education and equipped our youths to compete on global platforms.

To make women participants in policy-making we passed the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam to give 33% reservation to them in Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabhas.

Similarly, the three criminal laws that had become obsolete and incompatible with the independent new Bharat were replaced by Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita, Bharatiya Nagrik Suraksha Sanhita and Bharatiya Sakshya Adhiniyam. I can say with conviction that it is a Modi Guarantee that after the implementation of these three laws the ‘Tarikh Pe Tarikh’ scourge will end and justice for every one in three years.

The nation cannot progress without ending the inferiority of the people. Modi Ji has revived our dignity by building the Ram Temple, and the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor and rebuilding the common confidence of the people. This will now change our economy, politics and future.

We rebuilt the new Parliament which is the most modern in the world. We renamed the Raj Path as Kartavya Path and ended the vestige of slavery. We established peace by curbing terrorism and left-wing extremism. There were three hotspots in the nation namely the Northeast,  Jammu and Kashmir and Left-wing extremism. In the last ten years there has been a 72% decline in violence and more than 10,000 insurgents have laid down arms.

The biggest achievement of Modi Ji is integrating 60 crore people of this nation with the process of development. These people had no one in their families with a bank account. But Modi Ji not only gave them bank accounts but also fulfilled their basic needs like shelter, food and healthcare. Today they are not only associated with our economy but also have purchasing power to meet needs such as fans, TV sets, education for their children, and scooters. Because of these welfare schemes today they have purchasing power and are now a part of our market. Earlier they could not be seen as part of our market because they did not have the purchasing power and their lives were spent struggling to meet the basic necessities.

No one before Modi Ji could understand that no nation can walk on the path of development by keeping aside 60 crore people. On account of these policies of Modi Ji, our market has optimized its full potential as a market of 130 crore people and our economy is empowered by their participation.

In 2013-14 there were 91000 km of highways and today the same number is 1.45 lakh km. This will make industry operations seamless and I can say with conviction that Modi Ji has set the goal of decreasing the logistics cost by 10% by 2030 we will certainly meet this goal and this will give our products a competitive edge in the global markets.

Earlier 11.6 km of highways were built every day now it is 28 km. There were 4000 roads and over bridges and now they are 11000. There were 5 cities with metros and now there are 20. There were 74 airports and now there are 150 of them. The number of flights has increased to 825 from 400. To develop the economy everything connected to it has to be transformed simultaneously and Modi ji has done that.

Modi ji has also increased capital expenditure. In railways, Modi Ji has increased capital expenditure from Rs. 2 lakh crore to Rs.5.22 lakh crore, doubled in sports and tourism. The fund allocated as capital expenditure by the last budget of the Manmohan Singh government was Rs.2 lakh crore which Modi ji increased to Rs.11 lakh crore.

The result is evident the GDP growth rate during the UPA government was 6.9% which has grown to 8.4%. Per capita GDP was USD 3889 and today it is USD 6000. Electronic export value was 7.6 billion USD and today it is 23 billion USD. FDI was 305 billion USD and it is 600 billion USD. Start-ups increased from 350 to 1.17 lakhs. BSE has crossed the 73000 mark from 22000. Direct taxpayers were only 4.7 crore, now they are 8.18 crore. Indirect taxpayers were 7 lakhs and we increased their number to 1.40 crore. We have doubled the number of universities and the global innovation index we were in the 81st rank and now we are in the 40th rank. The number of broadband consumers was 6 crore but now that number is 90 crore. We were the 11th largest economy and today we are 5th. I want to remind you all of the Modi Guarantee that gives us a mandate for the third term we will make Bharat the third largest economy in five years.

Today Bharat is a bright spot and Modi Ji led the nation through the journey of a silent prime minister to a vibrant prime minister. There is political stability now, corruption is no more there, there are welfare policies at work, an investment-friendly agenda and a peaceful environment.

After a long time, our nation has got a leader who has not taken a vacation for 23 years. We have elected a prime minister who is not only a visionary but who can change the era.

We have given investments, innovations and ideas platform which is beginning a new era.

In the last 10 years we have opened one university every week, two colleges every day, 55 patents and 600 trademarks, 8.5 lacks poor have been given Murdra Loans, 37 new startups every day, Rs.16000 crore UPI transactions,3 new Janaushadhi Kendra opened every day,14 km of railway tracks built every day, 50000 LPG gas cylinders distributed every day, and uplifted 75000 people from poverty every day. Today 25 crore people have been uplifted from poverty and they are part of the market. In the last 10 years, a family has been given a drinking water connection every second.

People do not even work so hard for their companies as Modi Ji works for the nation. On account of his hard work, our nation will become a 5 trillion USD economy by 2027. We have ensured ease of doing business by eliminating 41000 unnecessary compliances. Since 1947 Bharat has received FDI worth Rs.1000 billion USD out of which 600 billion USD was received in the last 9 years.  Now every state gets investments symmetrically. Earlier FDI used to come from a few nations but now it comes from 160 nations. Now 61 sectors receive FDI and even the most modern sectors get FDI. Now Indian industries need to enhance their scale and size to take advantage of this new growth.

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