May 30, 2024


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Indian Army’s Initiative To Motivate Tripura’s Tribal Youth For Agnipath Scheme.

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Agartala, 15th of May, 2024 : Through a series of innovative programs and activities, the red shield gunners of the Indian army aim to inspire the youth of Tripura, particularly those from tribal backgrounds, to embrace the values of discipline, dedication and service to the nation.

This initiative includes a wide range of activities such as motivational seminars, skill development workshops and community outreach programs. These initiatives are designed to equip the participants with necessary tools and resources to excel in various fields and contribute positively to the Indian army.

The red shield gunners embark on a transformative journey with the launch of the initiative aimed at igniting the aspirations of Tripura’s Tribal Youth for the Agnipath scheme, marking a significant stride towards it witnessed 200 driven individuals to participate in great numbers.

Recognising the potential of the tribal youth in contributing to the nation’s defense and development a comprehensive briefing was given on the conduct of the CEE exam. The topics, the way to prepare and the pattern were heavily discussed with the singular aim of solidifying the aim of the young individuals.

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