July 14, 2024


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Kalyan Ashram Students In Despair.             

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Amarpur, 20th of June 2024 : The Kalyan Ashram hostellers are the worst victim in this rainy season for road woes. They remained confined in the hostel avoiding going to school in this monsoon period. Kalyan Ashram which is situated in South Twidu VC on a hill under Ampinagar block in Gomati Tripura has a narrow way about 600 metres distance to come out from the Ashram through a valley to  Teliamura-Amarpur road is very critical for last many years for pedestrians. This dirty way turns dangerous when there is heavy shower in every rainy season. The heavy tide of rain water and garbage from adjacent habitations make the way totally unhygienic for pedestrians. The broken and uneven way with heaps of mud the path becomes horrible for the Ashram hostellers and staff. Ashram hostellers do not have other alternative suitable way to go to their school and in every monsoon season they missed their school. Due to hindrance of road connectivity of this Ashram students’  guardians as well as Ashram staff are in great problem.

The Ashram incharge Surajit Malakar said, “Due to not having proper road connectivity with our Ashram hostel we are facing acute obstacle specially in rainy season. We can not bring any vehicle interior our Ashram. For bringing goods from market and other articles we have no way in rainy season. This valley way converts into a streamlet with dirty garbage. The rain water passing tide is very high where a pedestrian can fall into dangerous accident. We have appealed many times to Ampi block authority to construct a suitable road with drainage system but they do not give concentration over our request. To create a hygienic Ashram academic atmosphere we need a hygienic road for our students to go to school regularly even when it is raining. Sometimes it is raining continuously for a week and our students wait to stop rain for going to school as our way is under the water.” The students guardians have demanded immediate renovation of this road with proper carpeting to relief the road woes of the Ashram hostellers. 

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