June 1, 2023


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Maitree Volleyball Match Between BSF And BGB.

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Maitree Volleyball match between BSF AND BGB match was played between BSF & BGB on 08 Oct. 2022 from 081500 hrs 081715 hrs in presence of BGB, BSF delegates and other prominent /influential civilians, villagers and local administration. BGB delegation was accompanied by 02 Comdts. ( Lt Col Sohel Ahmed, PSC, COMDT 40 BGB & Lt Col MD HAFIZ- UL – REHMAN, PSC, Comdt 43 BGB) , Raju Ahamed, PBGMS, Assistant Director, 04 SOS ( Subedar Major A/W 03 Coy Comdrs), 12 BGB Players and 15 Officials/Adm staff, total – 34 BGB pers.  BSF side was headed by Lala Krishna Kumar Lal, Comdt 96 BN BSF accompanied by AK Yadav Comma,109 BN BSF, CS Daan, CMO (SG), 96 BN BSF, Mukesh Kumar, 2IC communication, SHQ Udaipur, JKY Singh DC/Staff officer 96 BN BSF, SS Sangwan, DC/Staff Officer, 96 BN BSF , Manoj Kumar Tiwari, AC/Staff Officer, Arun Kumar Pant, AC/F Coy Comdr, Kuljinder Singh AC/Sports Officer,  FTR HQ BSF TRA, INSP G COMMA SHQ UPR, Unit OFFG INSP G & other BSF officials A/W 13 BSF players.

The above friendly sport event was also witnessed by local administration by SDO (FEDCO/Electricity), SDO(DWS), SDMO Sabroom Hospital, OIC Fire Services, Sabroom , SDPO Sabroom and other Local Administration Staff.

There was a huge gathering of prominent /influential civilians & villagers & to name a few, Subhankar Debnath, Secretary Nagar Panchayat Commerce, Sabroom And Dileep Chandra Das Comma  Principal, Sabroom Boys HS School A/W 130 students were among a few prominent /influential civilians who graced the event.

During the event, the delegation decided to play for best of three matches which was consented to by BSF. The Border Guard Force (BGB) won the initial two matches and the BGB team was announced as the winner team. The event was covered by media as well.

The event proved to further encourage & strengthen the friendly ties between two elite and proud nations i.e. India & Bangladesh. It was a special day as players of the two great & neighboring nations got an opportunity to showcase their talent & to shine and show the world, true & strong friendship ties besides true sportsmanship.

The event was summed up after distribution of prizes, medals to the players, trophy to the teams and mementos to the BGB delegation and concluded by Lala Krishna Kumar Lal, Comdt , 96 BN BSF by extending a token of thanks to entire BGB delegation and all others who assisted in conduct of the event and  participated to make the event a grand success. Maitree volleyball match was played in a very friendly and cordial atmosphere and the BGB delegation returned to Bangladesh at 081715 hrs in a happy & elated state.

The entire sports event was cherished , lauded and appreciated by one and all who witnessed the event & this conduct of this special event brought encomium and great laurels to the elite organization i.e. BSF.