July 14, 2024


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MDC Inaugurated New South Ampi Vc Office.           

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Ampi, 23rd of February 2024 : To promote VC level more development implementation new VC office building has been constructed in new Sinai Kami in Ampinagar. The inhabitants of South Ampi Panchayat under Ampi RD block has availed new VC office building in their village in Ampi Nagar Gomati Tripura. Targeting to manage more advantageous VC facilities to the inhabitants of the panchayat the concerned authority has inaugurated the newly constructed VC office building today. The Ampi MDC Shibsonlian Kaipeng along with Ampi block MLA Pathanlal Jamatia and Ampi block BDO Ruatfela Darlong have unitedly inaugurated the VC building in the presence of many political dignitaries and social activists.

The present Panchayat secretary Sushanta Deb has said, “Onwards now the local people of this VC will have good status for any kind of Panchayat related activities. Earlier they used to go Ampi VC for any kind of VC level requirement but the new Panchayat office building has been inaugurated today here in the middle of the village which will be more convenient for the local villagers of this VC. We will always be in touch with of the poor inhabitants of this VC to dispose all kinds of Panchayat amenities for them and in this way the progress of the locality will be accelerated ahead.”

Amidst the other distinguished participants of the programme there  were Ampi block BAC chairman Sri Sindhu Chandra Jamatia, Ampi block additional BDO Tajim Chakma, IPFT NADC president Binoy Kr. Jamatia, Ampi Krishi Morcha president Ashim Kalai and many others remained present in the programme. 

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