July 14, 2024


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MDC Shibsonlian Kaipeng Inaugurated Academic Event.

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With the initiative of Ampinagar Gyan Mandir School under Art of living congregation an academic motivational programme has been conducted here in the school today. The MDC Shibsonlian Kaipeng has Inaugurated the programme in the presence of many programme participants. Aiming to create inspiration over academic session amidst the  school children different kinds of study equipments have been distributed amidst the students.

Addressing the participants the MDC Shibsonlian Kaipeng said, “To uplift the society education is the only way through which peace, prosperity and ideal society can be generated. To mould a child pre primary education is most important; it is the best period for children which is called seed time to lead a child into proper direction.” He appealed the concerned school staff to concentrate over genuine school management for the better future of the children. Amidst the other participants there were Pradip Deb, retired govt. teacher, SMC president Prasenjit Shill, Manohar Debnath, Kalyan Ashram activist, parents and many others remained present in the programme.

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