July 14, 2024


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Preparations For ‘Buri Ghar” In Teliamura.

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Teliamura, 13th of January 2024 : “Buri Ghar” the old tradition still alive in various parts of the state on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. On the occasion Youngsters have built “Buri Ghar” in Teliamura on Saturday (13th January, 2024). In the modern age, “Buri Ghar” made of straw and bamboo, is on the verge of extinction in rural area. In the era of computer or laptop modernity, the people of the busiest city have forgotten the history of “Buri Ghar”. However, under the touch of science, the people of the present civilized society are trying to avoid the “luxury house” of Poush. In the urban area, “Buri Ghar” made of straw and bamboo cannot be seen, but the young people of the rising age of the city build houses with the modernity.

But such a picture cannot be seen in the history of urban area, the exact opposite picture is seen in rural areas. However, on the day of Sankranti of Paush Parvan, night time in the “Buri Ghar” is a pleasant of joy. This joy in human life quickens and stirs the heart. A kids at the rural area from the urban area can be witnessed by the kids building “Buri Ghar” out of straw and bamboo canes for the purpose of picnic. It is known that with the touch of modernity, where “Buri Ghar” are on the way to extinction, they have built “Buri Ghar” with straw and bamboo canes in order to hold on to the ancient traditions. On the night of Paush Sankranti, they would collect donations among themselves and have a picnic. It is an inexhaustible delight among young adults.

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