July 16, 2024


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Public Caught Fuel Thief With Red Handed.

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Amarpur, 30th of November 2023 : Vehicle fuel was stealing from parking vehicles at deep night from Ampi market area for last many days. Local drivers were in anxious over the issue. Last night the thief was caught with red handed. People became perplexed over the incident that a PS driver was stealing fuel. Sunatan Murasingh of Ampi PS driver was stealing fuel from vehicles for last many days. He was stealing fuel at deep night when people were asleep. But through CCTV phootages he was detected and last night public caught him red handed. He was beaten by public and immediately transferred from Ampi PS. The police officials of Ampi PS became highly ashamed over this incident. Public submitted lost fuel cost to PS authority more than 1 lakh that was stolen by him. They demanded immediate compensation. 

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