July 14, 2024


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Rally For Justice Organized.

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Ampi, 6th of November 2023 : With the initiative of the villagers of Tingharia under Ampinagar PS in Gomati Tripura a rally demanding immediate arrest to  criminals and justice of the murder case which took place in Dumbur Lake area has been conducted here in Tingharia where a large number of Jamatia people assembled and raised strong voice over the failure of the police authority. The police authority of the subdivision is totally failed to arrest those criminal till the date. Under the supervision of Hoda Okras Bipra Kumar Jamatia and Malendra Mohan Jamatia a great gathering has been found in the procession. People were shouting to  arrest those murderers who killed a woman Rupaswari Jamatia (34) and her daughter Jasuda Rani Jamatia (13) from Tingharia village. The gathering has blamed the role of the police authority and demanded immediate result of their investigation.

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