July 12, 2024


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Shankara Launches The Timeless Restorative Skin Elixir.

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Bangalore, Karnataka, 12th of June, 2024 :  Ever struggled to keep up with your skincare routine? Too many rituals and beauty messages confusing you? To simplify your regimen, Shankara has launched the first dual chamber product in India, a game-changing solution: the Timeless Restorative Skin Elixir. This innovative Ying-Yang style dual chamber elixir blends the benefits of Kumkumadi Oil and Timeless Serum, offering a convenient 3-in-1 solution for moisturization, brightening, and anti-ageing. Perfect for those always on the go, this facial elixir simplifies your skincare routine without compromising on effectiveness. Combining ancient wisdom with cutting-edge technology, it truly offers the best of both worlds.

The Timeless Serum, infused with Citrus stem cell technology, fosters cellular rejuvenation, reduces wrinkles, refines skin texture, and enhances your natural glow. It also contains 10% Vitamin C of the highest grade for faster skin brightening.

Shankara’s signature Kumkumadi Oil has a lightweight formula suitable for all skin types. Crafted with the goodness of Red-Gold Saffron, Manjishtha & Red Sandalwood through a Taila Paka process, it nourishes, moisturizes, and brightens skin, addressing blemishes, pigmentation, and fine lines.

Astha Katpitia, Head of Shankara India, shares, “Our Timeless Restorative Skin Elixir blends ancient wisdom with modern innovation, offering radiant skin in one simple step. It’s an effortless solution for effective skincare with visible results.”

Wondering how to use it? Simply dispense equal measures of the Timeless Serum and Kukumadi Oil to create a micro-emulsion, mix, and apply to the cleansed face and neck for deep penetration and ultimate nourishment.  

The result? Accelerated cell renewal, increased epidermal density, reduced wrinkle depth, a visible lifting effect, and a brighter & hydrated skin texture. With regular use, you will achieve a more even skin tone and a radiant appearance.

Whether you need a travel essential or a hydrating product for the perfect glow, the Timeless Restorative Skin Elixir is your go-to solution. Notably, this product stands as a bestseller for Shankara in the USA, signalling a remarkable achievement in skincare innovation. With the incorporation of stem cell technology, Shankara leaps forward, revolutionizing the skincare landscape with its offerings.


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