July 12, 2024


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Sonu Tyagi Supports ‘I Am Proud To Be Vegetarian’ Tweet, Criticizes Actress Swara Bhasker’s Remarks.

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Mumbai, 19th of June, 2024 : Renowned writer, director, and producer Sonu Tyagi, founder of Approach Entertainment and the spiritual organization Go Spiritual India, has voiced strong support for a recent ‘I Am Proud to Be Vegetarian’ tweet and criticized actor Swara Bhasker for her response, which he believes undermines the ethical and environmental goals of the vegetarian movement.

Sonu Tyagi, who has recently co-produced & created the spiritual web series “Two Great Masters” based on the teachings of Swami Vivekananda and Paramhansa Yogananda, is a vocal advocate for vegetarianism and kindness towards animals. The “Two Great Masters” web series has garnered international acclaim, with renowned Hollywood actor Clayton Norcross also praising its impact and message.

The controversy began when a vegetarian food blogger tweeted about her pride in maintaining a cruelty-free diet. The blogger shared a photo of her meal, stating, “I am proud to be vegetarian. My plate is free from tears, cruelty, and guilt.” Swara Bhasker responded to the tweet by highlighting ethical concerns within vegetarianism itself, such as the dairy industry’s impact on calves and the environmental consequences of consuming root vegetables.

Sonu Tyagi, a vocal advocate for vegetarianism and kindness towards animals, responded to Bhasker’s comments by emphasizing the importance of promoting vegetarianism as a compassionate and ethical lifestyle choice. “Swara Bhasker’s comments are disappointing and counterproductive,” Tyagi stated. “While it’s important to address ethical concerns within all dietary practices, undermining vegetarianism ignores its significant benefits for animal welfare and environmental sustainability.”

Sonu Tyagi stressed that vegetarianism aligns with the spiritual values of compassion and non-violence, core principles of Go Spiritual India. “Our spiritual traditions teach us that all living beings have a soul, and harming animals disrupts the spiritual harmony that connects us all,” he explained. “A vegetarian diet minimizes harm and reflects a commitment to kindness and respect for all life forms.”

Go Spiritual India, a charitable organization dedicated to philanthropy, spiritual awareness, social causes, and wellness, actively promotes vegetarianism through its ongoing Go Veg campaign and will soon launch the ‘I Am Proud to Be Vegetarian’ campaign. These initiatives include social media outreach, digital content creation, and community events designed to educate the public about the health and environmental benefits of a vegetarian diet.

“Swara Bhasker’s remarks should not detract from the positive impact of vegetarianism,” Sonu Tyagi asserted. “We need to focus on encouraging better dietary choices that reduce suffering and promote sustainability. Vegetarianism is not about perfection but about making conscious efforts to minimize harm and live more ethically.”

Go Spiritual India’s efforts also highlight the environmental advantages of a vegetarian diet, noting the lower ecological footprint compared to meat consumption. “Choosing vegetarianism is a step towards a more sustainable future,” Tyagi said. “It’s a choice that benefits our health, our planet, and our collective conscience.”

The organization continues its charitable efforts, including food distribution programs and blanket donation drives for the homeless. Supported by corporate partners and public donations, these initiatives reflect Go Spiritual India’s commitment to service and compassion for all beings.

Sonu Tyagi, an award-winning writer, director, and producer, brings a wealth of expertise from his background in psychology, advertising, journalism, and filmmaking. His career began with India’s leading advertising agencies and media houses before founding Approach Entertainment Group. Tyagi seamlessly integrates his cinematic skills with a deep-rooted passion for spirituality, aiming to foster a profound exploration of spiritual teachings through his creative endeavors.

Beyond his contributions to the Indian film industry, Tyagi is renowned for his philanthropic efforts through “Go Spiritual India,” a charitable organization dedicated to promoting spiritual awareness and holistic well-being. Through diverse initiatives, workshops, and outreach programs, Go Spiritual India encourages individuals to embark on spiritual journeys and uncover deeper dimensions of themselves.

Go Spiritual India is a charitable spiritual organization dedicated to philanthropy, spiritual awareness, mental health, wellness, organic practices, spiritual tourism, events, media, and social causes. Recently, the organization debuted a news magazine and is preparing to launch Go Spiritual India Web TV & OTT in the near future.

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