July 14, 2024


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TRPC Conducted Mega Health Camp.

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With the initiative of TRPC in collaboration with ATGDA, (Health & family welfare dept. govt. of Tripura) a Free Mega Health Camp has been conducted here in Hatirai Para under Malbasa VC, Amarpur Gomati Tripura. On the occasion of Modi’s 9th year  anniversary this mega health camp has been conducted. The mega health has been handled by a group of efficient medical officers from Gomati district where various medical services have been provided amidst the poor of the locality. Under the able guidance and supervision of TRPC chairman PK Jamatia this mega health camp has provided better medical service to the local people of the area.

Sources said, a large number of local people have taken participation in the health camp and availed abundant  medical facilities. Different kinds of physical test and miscellaneous  medicines have been provided  through proper prescription procedure of the concerned medical teams. As per the instruction of PK Jamatia, the medical teams have given all kinds of medical facilities to the attendants. Man, woman, children and old villagers were treated in the camp. Addressing the local inhabitants PK Jamatia said that the BJP government emphasizes  over the health sector to secure the life of common people and we are always in promptness to promote better health service in rural areas for our indigenous communities. The TRPC chairman PK Jamatia has interacted with the local people of Hatirai Para face to face and enquired over their different kinds of social issues. Public appreciated the initiative and thanked the concerned TRPC chairman for her good job.

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