June 15, 2024


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Utsarga Social Welfare Organization To The Message Of The 100th Edition Of Mann Ki Baat Programme At Kalyanpur.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Mann Ki Baat programme is churning the public life of the country in a great way during this period. Mann Ki Baat programme gradually emerging out of the political sphere and creating an identity was established today in Kalyanpur.

Utsarga Social Welfare Organization of Kalyanpur have started their journey by providing, grounding, caring for the backward, deprived, neglected or what we often know as orphans of the society. This organization dreams of standing by the side of those who have no means of support, starting from street children, standing under limited financial and infrastructural conditions. This social organization, which has not yet come into the light of publicity, has started to walk a small way to provide resources for survival in the society to children of various levels, starting from street children.

Pijush Roy, the founder of Utsarga Social Organization, who has chosen this Utsarga Social Organization as a resort, appeared today in Kalyanpur with the message that the common people should see more and more Mann Ki Baat activities. The Utsarga social organizations claim that Narendra Modi’s Mann Ki Baat event is an inspiration to move forward, they claim that Mann Ki Baat means pushing back the obstacles and taking the effort to move forward.

All children identified as street children, fatherless, motherless joined social organizations. All the children of the organization who were brought up carelessly on the streets today collectively appealed to the people of Kalyanpur and the country to enjoy the 100th Edition Of Mann Ki Baat programme more and more to enrich the country and the nation. But today this role of the society conscious Utsarga Social Welfare organization undoubtedly carried a different message.

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