April 14, 2024


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14th Session Of The Chief Minister’s Weekly Programme “Mukhyamantri Samipeshu”.

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Mukhyamantri Samipeshu programme the weekly public interaction programme of Hon’ble Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha. The Chief Minister interacted with the common people about their issues and difficulties.

As the part, on 14th session of the Chief Minister’s weekly programme “Mukhyamantri Samipeshu’ on Wednesday (26th July, 2023), people of different profession in the state attended the programme. They spoke with the Chief Minister regarding their problems seeking assistance on various aspects such as medical treatment, financial assistant, education etc. Hon’ble Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha patiently listened to each of them and directed officials and Secretaries of concerned departments to take the necessary initiatives.

Ashish Kumar Modak, a resident of Dhaleswar, Agartala attended the programme seeking assistance for medical treatment of his son, Kanad Modak suffering from liver related disease. Kanad Modak is a journalist by profession and has been undertaking treatment at a private hospital in Kolkata. Doctors have already suggested his liver transplant. Soon after learning Kanad’s illness, the Chief Minister directed his Secretary Dr. P. K. Chakraborty to take quick and necessary action for Kanad’s liver transplant. Dilip Chowdhury, a resident of North Charilam attended the program seeking assistance for medical treatment of his 12-year old son Deepjit Chowdhury suffering from Thalassemia. Dipankar Sur, a resident of Udaipur attended the program seeking assistance for medical treatment of his 13-year old son Rajdeep Sur suffering from cancer. After examining their documents, the Chief Minister directed the Medical Superintendent of Cancer Hospital to take necessary steps for both Deepjit and Rajdeep.

Suniti Das, a resident of Khowai sought assistance for medical treatment of her husband suffering from various diseases. Due to financial strain, she was not able to get her husband treated properly. Suniti shared her woes with the Chief Minister, to which the Chief Minister directed the concerned officials to take necessary actions. Namita Rani Das, a resident of Champaknagar sought assistance for medical treatment of her daughter, Rupika Das. Rupika cannot hear or speak. Namita’s husband is a daily wage worker by profession. They were becoming unable to bear treatment cost of their daughter. Learning about their problem, the Chief Minister directed the Superintendent of GBP Hospital to take necessary actions. Tushar Singha Roy of Teliamura along with his mother attended Mukhyamantri Samipeshu programme seeking assistance for his higher studies. He ranked 1210 in All India JEE Advance 2023 examination and he got the opportunity to study Electrical Engineering at IIT, Bombay. He sought financial assistance for his college course fees and other expenditures, to which the Chief Minister assured of providing needed assistance. Likewise, Ram Chandra Debbarma of Old Kalibari Lane, Krishnagar suffering from cancer and a daily wage worker, Dilip Sarkar of West Bhubanban suffering from cancer sought assistance for medical treatment from the Chief Minister.

Secretary to the Chief Minister Dr. Pradip Kumar Chakraborty, Secretary of Education department Saradindu Chowdhury, Secretary of Social Welfare & Social Education department Tapas Roy, Medical Superintendent of GBP Hospital Dr. Sankar Chakraborty, Medical Superintendent of Atal Bihari Vajpayee Regional Cancer Hospital, Agartala Dr. Siramani Debbarma and other officials were present during the public interaction with the Chief Minister.

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