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20 Families Availed TRPCL Rubber Plantation Amenity.

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Ampi, 23rd of November 2023 :    Aiming to foster family financial status for poor indigenous families TRPCL provided rubber plantation scheme amenity to 20 families here in Lokte Para village in Dhanlekha VC under Ampi nagar RD block in Gomati Tripura. Under the CM Rubber Mission 2023-24 rubber garden plantation has been done in different parts of this Lokte Para in Dhanlekha ADC village. Sources said, to maintain these garden properly the TRPCL authority has provided proper awareness programme amidst the poor indigenous Kaipeng beneficiaries of this village. To create awareness as well as motivation among the indigenous beneficiaries the TRPCL chairman Mis. P.K Jamatia had visited the location and interacted with those concerned beneficiaries.

Addressing in a project awareness programme  TRPC chairman PK Jamatia said, ” Our TRPCL is fully dedicated for the progress generation of the poor indigenous people living in rural TTAADC areas. Our goal is how to remove poverty from the life of the poor section in remote areas. We have taken mega initiative for the welfare of the needy villagers who have land but do not know how to utilise it and create a grand durable income source from it. We have determined to bring a large number of poor indigenous villagers under this rubber plantation project of CM Rubber Mission scheme through which they can promote their family financial stability shortly. Our mission is to remove poverty from the rural ADC areas in the state where specially our indigenous people are victim of poverty. Rubber plantation in hilly areas can create durable family income source through  which can foster their family financial status better and maintain a healthy family life.”

A Kaipeng beneficiary named  Biasmoni Kaipeng said, “The TRPCL authority has provided this opportunity to our Kaipeng beneficiaries in Lokte Para where total 20 families have gained this scheme amenity. We have planted rubber saplings in total 20 hectares of land in our village provided by TRPCL.” It is expected that if the Kaipeng beneficiaries take proper care of their gardens then it will shine in future indeed.

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