July 17, 2024


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39 Voters Joined BJP In Ampi 41 Constituency.

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Amarpur, 1st of February 2024: Being inspired by the good governance of BJP administration 39 voters from 10 families have Joined BJP here in Rangdom Para under Taidu VC in Ampinagar 41 constituency today. Sources said, 39 voters have left TMP and came under the banner of BJP.

As per the local report, under the leadership of Ampi mandal president  Shibnath Jamatia, step by step people are quitting TIPRA Motha party and accepting the banner of BJP organization in Ampinagar 41 constituency. Ampi mandal president Shibnath Jamatia has  welcomed these new comers and included them into the saffron organization with inspiration and instructed them to work for the party genuinely.

Addressing the gathering Mr. Jamatia has said, “TIPRA Motha organization is totally failed to fulfil the basic demands of the rural people of TTAADC. All people in TTAADC are in government amenity deprivation, no water, no road, no education etc have been prevailed in backward indigenous areas and there is no any sign of progress in deprived communities in TTAADC. Only BJP administration is capable to generate progress and fulfill the basic requirements of the needy people in rural Tripura.  Indigenous people are coming to know this reality and approaching towards BJP administration. They should be cooperative with BJP administration for the better future in TTAADC.”

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