May 30, 2024


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4TH Inter-Branch YKA Sports Meet 2023 Organized.     

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With the initiative of Sport Sub-committee of CYKA the 4th inter-branch YKA sport meet 2023 has been conducted here in Dinachari SB School play ground in Dhanlekha village inder Ampi nagar block in Gomati Tripura. The tournament series has been initiated from 22nd of October and the final match contest has been accomplished today. As per the report, for volleyball series there were total 16 YKA branch team from different locations have taken participation in the competition. On the other hand for football there were also 16 YKA branch teams took part in the series. Boys and girls both catagories teams have played in the series.

According to the latest report, the final volleyball competition was between Bola Tuidai & Sarum Vs Nupangrumva YKA branch teams where Bola Tuidai & Sarum has obtained the status of the championship. On the other hand the final football tournament was played between Lokhidon Vs Dhanlekha YKA branch teams where the championship credit goes to Dhanlekha YKA branch team and the best disciplined YKA branch was considered the Krishnahow YKA branch.  On this tournament series occasion a large number of local Kaipeng as well as other communities have been found cheerful as spectators in the venue who enjoyed the matches. The YKA president Jishu Kumar Kaipeng said, ” Our aim is to motivate the youth of the society towards games and sports which is essential to build up youngsters personality. To divert the youth from the tendency of various drugs to games and sports is a philanthropic job. We are always in promptness to make our society totally drugs free.” The chairman of the sports Sub-committee Awmthei Naran Kaipeng said that like this motivational sports meets will grow interest in mind of the youngsters and help them to be sports lover ahead.

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