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A Teacher Is Alleged By His Biological Mother For Her Harassment.

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Teliamura, 17th of December 2023 : A Teacher is alleged by his biological mother for her harassment. The incident took place in Rajnagar area under Teliamura police station on Sunday (17th December, 2023). According to the incident report, Chandan Bhowmik, a teacher of Teliamura Ananda Marga High School, had been torturing his elderly mother for a long time. As the level of torture was high on Sunday, the locals came running to the screams of the mother. Later, the information reached the news media. After getting the news, the news media personnel and the police of Teliamura police station went to the spot. Afterwards when the accused teacher was asked about the incident, he categorically denied this allegation. On the other hand, his mother and residents of the area repeatedly complained against the accused teacher in front of the media. Meanwhile, the teacher of an established educational institution like Ananda Marga High School has been criticized for such actions.

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