April 23, 2024


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All Tripura Kaipeng Leaders Conducted Crucial Meeting.

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Jampuijala, 3rd of December 2023 :  Aiming to generate social development for the Kaipeng society Kaipeng Rai Krishna Lian Kaipeng and other distinguished society leaders of the Kaipeng tribe have organized a crucial meeting here in Lungkam village under Jampuijala subdivision in Sepahijala district Today. Under the leadership of Omnik Kaipeng, society field secretary the programme has been arranged where many social administrators and  local society leaders took participation. In the programme there was a grand discussion over the basic requirements for the Kaipeng villages in different areas in Tripura. To take  the society ahead the Kaipeng leaders have exchanged their views and determined to place the requirements towards the administration. To promote the educational infrastructure standard for the Kaipeng students an elaborate discussion was held amidst the social leaders.

Amidst the other social leaders there were Mondel Kumar Kaipeng,  Society President, Vanlal Khawm  Kaipeng, Society Secretary, Proja Babu kaipeng, Kalim, Jivanlal Kaipeng, Kamchikou, Bomon siak Kaipeng, Jaksung, Khushi Lian Kaipeng, Ex. GS  and many others remained present in the programme.

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