April 24, 2024


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Allegedly, The Government Lawyer Stole The Accident Insurance Money Of The Deceased Car Driver.

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Khowai, 3rd of April, 2024 : A serious allegation has been made against the police of Kalyanpur Police Station and a lady lawyer of Agartala along with a Government lawyer of Khowai sub-division of misappropriating about 13 lakhs from the accident insurance of a deceased poor motor worker. In order to get the accident insurance money, a Government lawyer of Khowai district called the parents of the deceased car driver to his room and signed a blank check book and withdrew 13 lakh rupees from the bank. And as soon as this incident came, the poor parents of the deceased car driver burst into tears. The family of the cheated deceased car driver has sent a letter to the Chief Justice of the State High Court on the matter. Not only this, letters have also been sent to the Chief Minister of the state, His Excellency the Governor and the Prime Minister alleging this fraud. A woman lawyer from Agartala, the police of Kalyanpur police station and a Government lawyer of Khowai district were directly involved in this big financial fraud.

Rajesh Debnath, S/O Rakesh Debnath, resident of Shantinagar landless colony under Kalyanpur police station, was driving the car of Biplab Deb, resident of Kalyanpur. On the night of December 26, 2016, on his way home, his car lost control and fell into a pond, killing him.

After the death of the car driver, Kalyanpur police and a Government lawyer from Khowai filed a case with Biplab Deb, the owner of the car, at Kalyanpur police station to get car insurance. The police of Kalyanpur police station took a case in the police station’s register by mentioning the incident as a car accident when the driver fell into a pond while driving under the influence of alcohol. Sahadeb Das was the investigating officer in this case.         

When the case was taken up in the court of Khowai, the Government lawyer and the police of Kalyanpur police station jointly planned to move the case from Khowai to Agartala. So that no one knows about getting the accident insurance money in this case. On the other hand, the Government lawyer kept the dead driver’s simple father Rakesh Debnath and his mother Aarati Debnath under control by informing them about getting the insurance money. The verdict in the case ordered the car accident insurance company to hand over the insurance money to his family. After that started the bare blueprint of money embezzlement by several lawyers, police, intellectuals and a development officer of life insurance.

First, the gang opened two new accounts in Agartala’s UCO Bank in the name of the parents of the simple rural deceased auto driver. After opening the account, the car accident insurance amount of Rs. 8 lakh is first added to their account. And in the meantime, a government lawyer of Khowai district summoned the parents of the dead driver to the Government office of his workplace and tricked them into signing the check books of two new bank accounts. And they are informed that they will be notified when money enters the account. It is alleged that the first instalment of Rs 8 lakh was withdrawn by the entire money through cheques. Later two certificates on another four lakh fifty thousand rupees of accident insurance remained in the bank for one year and the maturity amount entered their account. The entire amount is withdrawn through check on the day the money enters the bank account. Only once in between did the gang hand over one lakh rupees to the family of the deceased driver.

Meanwhile, last March, the parents of the deceased driver were found to have updated their two bank pass books in Khowai UCO Bank and withdrawn two lakh rupees from the two accounts. The parents of the deceased driver burst into tears after learning about the matter. Aarati Debnath, the mother of the deceased car driver, directly complained that Shilpi Sarkar, a woman lawyer from Agartala, Abhijit Bhattacharya, a government lawyer of Khowai district, Abhijit Deb, a development officer of Kalyanpur police station and LIC, are directly connected with this incident.

Aarati Debnath said that Government lawyer Abhijit Bhattacharya called them to his room and made them sign blank check books by pretending to get insurance money. Later they use these checks to withdraw all the money from their account. The parents of the deceased car driver, who could not tolerate such deception, have sent a letter to the Prime Minister of the country in the hope of fair trial and demanded to conduct a real investigation of the incident and punish the criminals.

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