April 18, 2024


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Ampi Agri Subdivision Beneficiaries In Deprivation. 

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Ampi, 16th of March 2024 :  The Agri Beneficiaries of Ampinagar subdivision are going on in deprivation from different kinds of departmental scheme amenities. Farmers raised allegation that local beneficiaries are not availing various kinds of departmental agricultural aids and equipment facilities like power tiller, pumpset, paddy thresher, manual paddy, spray machine etc. The cultivators associated with the farmer machinery bank are also the victim of destitution. The concerned Farmer Machinery Bank beneficiaries have  raised allegation that they are being deprived from departmental scheme amenities here in Ampi Nagar subdivision Agri sector. Sources said, the share money account holders are not availing scheme achievement due to mismanagement of farmer provision distribution in this Ampi sub divisional Agri office. According to local beneficiaries’ report, due to deficiency of proper systematic  process management of the departmental scheme beneficiaries’ scheme provision  budgets are going back without implementation and the concerned divisional farmer beneficiaries are remaining in destitution.

Sources said, organic FPC, paddy scheme 2022-23, 3750 rupees per beneficiary of about 500 registration completed farmers are under the deprivation. Local sources said, Rs. 39 lakhs scheme provision was not implemented. Deprivation in paddy scheme of rupees 8 lakhs in the session of 2022-23 was not worked out. Local farmers expressed dissatisfaction over the present negative situation of this Ampi sector agriculture office handing which is not generating welfare for farmers. In this way the agricultural production status has been declined in entire Ampi Nagar subdivision. The deprived local farmers claimed a transparent and active Ampi division Agri office superintendency to avail departmental aids and scheme amenities and demand immediate rectification of this office running system to provide various government schemes amenities to the poor local farmers.

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