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Ampi RMU Conducted Composite Fish Culture Training Programme.

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Ampi, 22nd of November 2023 :  Targeting to promote the fishery project Ampi RMU under Amarpur division organized a one day training programme on Composite Fish Culture here in Ampi F.D.A hall. To generate proper awareness amidst the SHG fishery project beneficiaries the superintendent of fishery Gouranga Chandra Sarkar alongwith departmental experts have participated in the training programme and provided genuine knowledge and essential tips to the concerned beneficiaries to foster their fishery project.

As per the report, SHGs of JFMC under Ampi nagar Range Management Unit have taken active participation in the training programme. SHG like Satokora Rosha Nupang Dol, Khumbar Mahila Dol, Yaphang Bwrwi Bodol, Mwchang Mahila Dol, Bwkhuri Mahila Dol etc have attended the training programme and learnt over the project management techniques in the programme. According to the Ampi forest officials, fishery beneficiaries from Baishyamoni VC, Melsi VC, North Songang VC, South Songang VC and Dhanlekha VC have gained the benefit of this training programme. Superintendent of Gourang Chandra Sarkar has addressed the beneficiaries to motivate them over this profitable fishery project. He has given genuine knowledge over the management of fish cultivation. How to attain better profit from fish production in short time applying suitable method to extend fish growth feeding fingerlings proper feeds in proper way was the stapple issue in his speech. He emphasized to keep pond and lake clean and good management of sun light which are mandatory for better growth of fingerlings. A large number of indigenous beneficiaries have availed good ideas over their project management through this training programme.

Amidst the other distinguished dignitaries there were  Sibsonlian Kaipeng, MDC, Sindhu Chandra Jamatia, Ampi BAC chairman, Jagadananda Tripura, Ampi ranger, Tirthankar Majumdar, FC, Gomati, Sonalika Saha, fishery expert, Anil Das, forester and many others remained present in the training programme.

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