June 17, 2024


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Angry Villagers Staged Road Blockade In Rangachara.

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Due to dilapidated road condition local people staged road blockade on Amarpur-Natun Bazar road in Rangachara under Amarpur PS in Gomati Tripura today. As per the report, total 8 km distance road in Rangachara is in horrible state for which villagers are in distress. Angry local people blocked the road in Rangachara area of ​​the main road to Amarpur new market from around 9 am today. Amarpur Birganj police station and representatives of Amarpur administration rushed to the spot and tried to withdraw the blockade.

In the details of the incident, it is known that for several years, about 8 km of the main road leading to Rangachara has become in worst condition. For repairing the road, the Amarpur concerned authority called  tender for only two and a half kilometers of the road.  After the announcement of this tender, the local people became angry and blocked the road in the area on Tuesday morning.  Locals demand that the entire road should be repaired by calling a tender for the construction of 8 km distance. 

Meanwhile, due to the road blockade, traffic has come to a standstill. Vehicles with a large number of ordinary passengers were stuck on both sides of the road. A different picture was seen at the blockade site, the leaders of the TIPRA Motha party were present with the local people.  In the end, the block committee and district committee leaders of the TIPRA Motha party were seen behind the blockade and raised their voice to do renovation of the portion immediately. 

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