July 14, 2024


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At E4m Golden Mikes 2024, Red FM Turns Gold With 35 Awards & Radio Station Of The Year Award.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 28th of June, 2024 : India’s leading private radio and entertainment network, Red FM, has been honoured with the title of Radio Station of the Year and 35 prestigious awards across various categories, celebrating its versatility and innovation at the e4m Golden Mikes 2024. The accolades were presented at the Radio & Audio Conference held on June 26, 2024, at The Leela Hotel, Mumbai.

The conference marked a significant event in the radio industry, reflecting on radio’s pivotal role in shaping public opinion, cultural identity, and community engagement in India for over a century. The awards recognized excellence in various categories such as effectiveness, creativity, innovation, broadcasters, regional languages, and podcasts. This remarkable achievement underscores Red FM’s commitment to delivering unique and engaging content, cementing its position as a trailblazer in the radio industry.

Speaking on the announcement, Nisha Narayanan, Director & COO, of RED FM, and Magic FM, said, “Red FM has had a great hurray at the Golden Mikes Award. The esteemed awards are heartfelt embraces from our listeners, validating the power of radio as a medium, and our commitment to blue sky thinking. We can not fully convey how much we cherish the unwavering love and support of our audience but we are truly indebted. We look forward to creating distinctively creative content and countless future endeavors.”

Sr.NoMain CategoryCategorySub- CategoryCAMPAIGN NAME
1Radio Station of the Year
2 RADIOEFFECTIVENESSMost Effective Ad/Campaign on RadioFarishtey Banjao Aaj
3 RADIOEFFECTIVENESSBest Use of Radio for Launch/RelaunchLights Out with Rj Sharda Launch
4 RADIOEFFECTIVENESSBest Use of Radio for Long Term EffectivenessSuvidha Ke Liye Khed Hai
5 RADIOEFFECTIVENESSBest Use of Branded Content or Sponsorship on RadioSBI Life – Sapna Hai Toh Poora Karo
6 RADIO CREATIVITYBest Single Commercial- IT, Telecommunications & Digital MediaOh My Ghat k.a OMG
7 RADIO CREATIVITYBest CampaignTeen Rang Tawang
8 RADIO CREATIVITYBest CampaignACKO – Welcome Change
9 RADIO INNOVATIONBest Use of Sponsorship in an On-Air/On-Ground Radio CampaignShivv Kholega Band Kaan
10 RADIO INNOVATIONBest Use of Sponsorship in an On-Air/On-Ground Radio CampaignJK Tyre – Teen Rang Tawang
11 RADIO PROMOTIONBest On Air Promotion for/by a Brand- Single StationRED FLAG
12 RADIO PROMOTIONBest On Air Promotion for/by a Brand- Single StationMeme Machao
13 RADIO PROMOTIONBest On Air Promotion for/by a Brand- Multiple StationBank of Baroda – BOB Army
14 RADIO PROMOTIONBest Sponsored On Air Promotion by a Single Radio Station for Self /BrandSapno Ka Cinema
15 RADIO PROMOTIONBest Promotion on Digital for / by a BrandRed Label Natural Care – The Monsoon Campaign
16 RADIO BROADCASTERSBest on Air Promotion by a Network of Radio Stations for SelfGuts and Glory – Salute 71
17 RADIO BROADCASTERSBest on Ground Promotion by a Single Radio Station for SelfThe Kavi Collective
18 RADIO BROADCASTERSBest on Ground Promotion by a Single Radio Station for SelfGuts and Glory – Salute 71
19 RADIO BROADCASTERSBest on Ground Promotion by a Single Radio Station for SelfSouth Side Story
20 RADIO BROADCASTERSBest on Ground Promotion by a Network of Stations for SelfTeen Rang Tawang
21 RADIO BROADCASTERSBest Public Service Initiative by a BroadcasterDevaki Karegi Hawa Tight
22 RADIO BROADCASTERSBest Public Service Initiative by a BroadcasterAzadi No. 1
23 RADIO BROADCASTERSBest Public Service Initiative by a BroadcasterHunar Qaid
24 RADIO BROADCASTERSMost Unique Programming Concepts /Ideas (Broadcaster)Guts and Glory – Sachha Salute
25 RADIO BROADCASTERSMost Unique Programming Concepts /Ideas (Broadcaster)Tune in Tunnel
26 RADIO BROADCASTERSMost Unique Programming Concepts /Ideas (Broadcaster)HISSA PARTITION KA
27 RADIO BROADCASTERSBest Program Launch on RadioTicket To Durga Puja
28 RADIO BROADCASTERSBest Radio Jingle for a ClientWestern Railway – Laay Bhaari
29 RADIO BROADCASTERSBest Radio Jingle for SelfGuts and Glory – Salute 71
35 RADIOREGIONAL / LANGUAGE RADIOBest Ad/Campaign on Radio in the East Region (client/self)Ha Khriang Ki Sur Myllung – A Mini Mountain Concert (World Music Week 2023)
36B. PODCAST / AUDIO SERIESB0Best Podcast / Audio Series – DramaSurvivors of 26/11 : Courage And Beyond

About 95 RED FM
Red FM stands out as India’s largest radio channel and one of the biggest entertainment networks. We are hyper-local, hyper vocal, and with our brand philosophy and attitude ‘Bajaate Raho!’ We are at the core of millennials’ hearts. By leveraging our two-decades-old legacy and expertise, we sow the seeds of a ‘larger than life experience’. We thrive on the emotional connection with the listeners and audience fashioned through a massive footprint of 69 radio stations nationwide. We create original podcasts, digital shows, and on-ground events, feature independent music, make 360-degree noise, and speak the truth. As the ‘station of expression,’ Red FM boasts over 699 award-winning campaigns including BEST BRAND, BEST FM STATION, and BEST RJs.

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