April 23, 2024


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Basic Requirements Investigation Organized. 

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Ampi, 22nd of March 2024 : Under the able supervision of Ampinagar BJP mandal president Sri Shibnath Jamatia a team of BJP leaders have visited remote Reang dominated Salka Para village under Ampinagar block in Gomati Tripura today.

As per the report, a team of Ampi block mandal has visited Salka Para, a backward village situated in mountain range under Ampinagar 41 constituency and investigated all the basic requirements of the villagers. They have interacted face to face with the local Reang inhabitants and checked the present status of various government amenities for the villagers. They villagers have expressed their views over the different government amenities for the village. The Reang inhabitants of the village said that they need road carpeting of the present brick soiling road from Gamaku to Salka Para and as well as more water facility extension till the farthest part of the village.

They have demanded immediate initiation of a RCC bridge over a stream between Gamaku and Salka Para. The mandal president Mr. Jamatia has given them expectation stating that shortly all the requirements of the village development will be provided as the Modi government is in promptness to generate prosperity in rural India. Many Reang villagers have associated with the investigating team and thanked them for their generous attitude for the deprived Reang people.

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