July 14, 2024


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Big Ditch On Main Road Disrupted Vehicle Movement.

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Due to constant rain a big ditch in the middle of Ampi-Amarpur road has been created here in Tingharia market under Ampinagar block in Gomati Tripura today. As per the locals, very early this morning suddenly a big portion of the road has been collapsed and created a large whole. It is seemed that due to flow of rain water under the road this ditch has been generated. The whole is very deep and if any vehicle falls in it then there will be big mishap.

Prasanjit Shill, a local teacher said, “The normal vehicle movement has been disrupted; vehicle drivers are afraid to drive vehicle aside this ditch. Carpeting as well as inner brick layer have been washed away by rain water. As fast as possible the concerned authority immediately have to take initiative to fulfil the whole to avoid any kind of road mishap otherwise it will be more terrifying situation for the pedestrians as well as all two and three wheeler. The local people of Tingharia demanded immediate maintenance of this collapsed portion of the road. 

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