April 17, 2024


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Box Culvert Lying Ha­lf Undone For Last Seven Years.

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Amidst the indi­genous communities Reang is the one worst victim community from govt. amenities who are living in remote backward jungle areas here in Ampinagar RD block Gomati Tripura. They are the worst victim of road connectivity, drinking water crisis, electricity and medical service. The same picture appeared in Ramchaising Para, a Reang village under Jambuk Chara VC in Ampinagar RD block.

Two villagers of this village named Panduram Reang and Khumbar Reang said, “Our village road from Birham Para to Ramchaising Para about 2.5 km distance is death trap for our villagers. One box culvert had been constructed in 2016 which is lying half done till the date. Our village road does not have brick soiling till today. It is full of potholes, muddy, side broken, fully unfit for pedestrians and vehicles throughout the years. Our Reang people demand electricity but the concerned authority does not care for our deprived Reang inhabitants. We have no angwanadi centre in our village so, the village children are in deprivation of nursery education and ICDS project facilities. We are giving vote but we are deprived from all kinds of govt. amenities till today. In this digital era we are not able to recharge our mobile at home. In the other hand our village people are dependent on natural drinking water sources throughout the years. In summer and rainy season water crisis is a normal phenomenon for our people. The box culvert is half done for last many years but no the block authority nor the NBCC authority take initiative to complete it.” The Reang villagers of Ramchaising Para demanded all kinds of govt. amenities for their village development. The concerned govt. agencies must visit the village and interact with the local villagers​ to take initiative for providing them social development amenities, demanded the local Reang villagers of this deprived village.

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