June 19, 2024


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Conflict Among BJP Party Members : Minister Himself Has Stepped Into The Ground To Cover Up The Incident.

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Teliamura, 6th of June, 2024 : Minister Bikash Debbarma  himself has stepped into the ground to cover up the bloody clashes in Krishnapur Assembly constituency due to conflict among the party members of the BJP, informations from inside the saffron house of 29 Krishnapur Assembly constituency. The minister rushed to Teliamura police station as soon as the news of the incident spread among the party workers. On the one hand, after the results of the Lok Sabha elections were announced, the constituencies of Minister Bikash Debbarma, 29 Krishnapur Assembly Constituency are burning with self-party violence.

As the incidents of conflict among the party members in Krishnapur assembly, on the other hand, due to this incident, BJP’s Khowai district secretary Bijan Kar, who is known as the shadow partner of Minister Bikash Debbarma 29 Krishnapur Assembly Constituency, and one other person, including Krishnapur Yuva Morcha president Nirmal Debnath, were accused of assault by a section of the BJP. The activists approached Teliamura police station on Thursday. The incidents among the BJP activists peaked, Minister Bikash Debbarma started running to Teliamura police station. The minister’s marathon meeting at Teliamura police station went on for a long time.

However, in the context of this whole incident, Minister Bikash Debbarma turned the scattered incidents of Krishnapur in a different direction and suppressed them in the face of media questions. The whole incident of conflict among the party members, this much can be said that Minister Bikash Debbarma has failed to stop the conflict of BJP’s party members extreme group in 29 Krishnapur Assembly Constituency. On the other hand, reports from various political sources that there is a strong negative reaction against the BJP party among the residents of Krishnapur due to the conflict of BJP’s own party extreme group in 29 Krishnapur assembly constituency.

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