June 15, 2024


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Debdaru OP Officials Recovered Several Missing Mobiles.

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One by one several missing mobile phones have been recovered from different locations by the Debdaru OP police officials under Baikhora PS. As per the local report, under the supervision of Debdaru OP OC Bakuljoy Reang all recovered android phones have been handed over to the real owners of the phones after accomplishing proper verification procedure.

Sources said that in previous months several phones had been recovered and in the same way 2 android phones have been recovered today also. The recovery Poco android phone was handed over to its real owner Sri Kulendra Tripura of Abangchara village. The another phone Samsung Galaxy was handed over to Smt. Uchanda Mog of East Pilak respectively. All these mobile phones were recovered through call details records and GPS location detecting process. After getting back the missing mobile phones the real owners of the phones were found extremely happy and appreciated the better achievement of the Debdaru OP police officials.

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