April 24, 2024


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Devastating Fire Incident Destroyed 10 Shops.​

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Many shop keepers are in great despair here in Rajarbagh in Udaipur, Gomati Tripura. As per the report, on Saturday night at approximately 01:00 hours a devastating fire incident has occurred in Udaipur Rajarbagh area where 10 shops have been turned into ashes. 10 shop owners were completely damaged by this mysterious arson.​ The incident took place at deep night when people were asleep. So, at the begining there was nobody to put off fire. When fire spread furiously then people rushed here and there and unable to control this big fire. Before arriving the fire service person­nel all the shops were​ turned into ashes.

The 31-RK Pur Mandal President Prabir Das visited the si­te this morning after receiving informat­ion about the fire incident.​ From that place he spoke to Udaipur Sub-Divisional Ruler and Tehsil for financial help through proper investigation of these shop owners. Meanwhile, the president of RK Pur Mandal said that they will be helped on a party basis. While giving a speech, he said that many shops were completely destroyed by fire because initially he said that since there is a hotel here, the fire may have started from that hotel but it is just an idea; the real reason is unknown. It is supposed that the loss is very high and the shop owners are totally in great despair.

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