April 14, 2024


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Disorder In SDID Office Management In Sabroom. 

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Aiming to promote the infrastructure of industries in South district of the state in the year 2020, the South District Industry Department (SDID) was established. The district department decided to open an office in Sabroom to maintain the departmental activities. As per the local report, Just before the Legislative Assembly election 2023, the SDM issued a letter to dispose the South District Industry Department office in the Old Youth Hostel, which is occupied by the Divisional Executive Engineer’s office of the PWD (DWS) now. As per the letter from the SDM, the Executive Engineer, Ritesh Debbarma had allowed the SDID staff temporarily to manage their departmental activities in the upper part of the old youth hostel since January 2023. At the beginning the both offices were maintaining well but disorder appeared when the SDID in charge Himadri Shekhar Nath not providing electric bill for his office utility.

Sources said, the electric line was provided by EE Ritesh Debbarma from his own office line when the SDID staff entered into the PWD (DWS) occupied building and instructed them to manage their own electric line seperately. According to the PWD (DWS) staff, the SDID staff incharge Himadri Shekhar Nath is not paying electric bill from the beginning nor he create seperate electric line for his office utility. EE Ritesh Debbarma said that due to overload in his office electric line it has been damaged and burnt. So, to avoid any kind of unexpected electric incident he has disconnected the connection of the office of SDID recently. In the other hand allegation raised that the SDID staff do not obey the normal legal procedure, they forcibly try to occupy additional room of the PWD (DWS)  authority which are kept for their official management. As per the statement of the PWD officials, Himadri Shekhar Nath does not know how to stay in cooperative way nor he negotiate the office management problems with the EE Ritesh Debbarma; they more added that the SDID authority should provide room rent, water charge etc for their office management but they do not provide any thing and as a consequence the EE Ritesh Debbarma is facing acute problems month after month. PWD (DWS) officials raised accusation over this in charge of the SDID Himadri Shekhar Nath that he does not know how to run office in a legal way and creating hindrances for others. The concerned higher authority should investigate the disorder issue between these two separate departments and find out a better solution so that both the authorities may run their offices smoothly ahead. 

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