April 20, 2024


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District Level NTFP Awareness Programme Ends Successfully.

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Aiming to generate awareness over the immense importance of non timber forest produce the Non Timber Forest Produce Centre of Excellence authority of Gandhigram has accomplished their district level awareness workshop programme series​ in Khowai district successfully.​ The district level NTFP awareness programme in Khowai district has been conducted in six forest ranges. To protect & preserve the non timber forest produce resources proper knowledge and awareness has been created amidst the rural villagers through these workshops. Apart that the NTFP resource persons have explained to villagers that how non timber forest produce is beneficial and how can be created a durable family income source by adopting this project implementation.

The NTFP resource persons tried to make understand the rural villagers that human beings are fully dependent on plants. Medicinal trees, shrubs, herbs, grass, flowers, fruits, bark and even roots all these things are keeping a important role in our life. All plants are most beneficial for our safe and secured existence on this planet and we have responsibility to enhance their availability in our environment. Under the able guidance & supervision of Subhasish Datta, (training & capacity building officer) one by one the NTFP authority has organized awareness workshop in six forest ranges in Khowai district. The JFMC & SHG beneficiaries of Teliamura forest range, Kalyanpur forest range, Mungiyakami forest range, Tulashikar forest range, Khowai forest range & Padmabil forest range have taken participation in this motivational awareness workshops. It is expected that onwards now rural people will take proper step to preserve & protect non timber forest resources for their social benefit. Among the resource persons Suman Paul, Rathindra Biswas, Dr. Koushik Majumdar, ranger Ratnajit Chakma and many others were remained present in NTFP awareness workshop programmes.

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