May 30, 2024


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DLC Chairman Of TRP & PTG Visited Various Departmental Projects At Ampi.

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To examine & evaluate the indigenous Reang PTG beneficiaries’ projects district committee chairman has come to Ampi today (7th November, 2022). The DLC chairman of TRP & PTG, Gomati district Rajendra Reang has visited in different departmental projects implemented in various remote Reang areas and interacted with the beneficiaries. Along with programme officer Pradip Acharjee of Ampinagar branch and other some departmental persons as well as DLC member have visited Ekjan Cherra VC where PTG Reang beneficiaries have cultivated dragon fruit in their lands. The DLC chairman Rajendra Reang has exchang­ed views with the Reang beneficiaries of the VC and investigated their dragon cultivation. He has motivated the PTG Reang beneficiaries over this profitable dragon fruit cultivation and advised them to take proper care of this innovative project.

The chairman has investigated miscellaneous PTG schem­es available in this Ekjan Cherra VC today. He met with the beneficiaries of rubber, areca nut, mango as well as other project and enquired over their project income. The chairman has provided inspiration to Reang beneficiaries and sought their progress. The PTG Reang beneficiaries of Ekjan Cherra VC have started dragon fruit cultivation first time. Under the able guidance and supervision of the P.O of Ampi TRP & PTG branch all kinds of project implementation amenities have been provided to dragon beneficiaries to obtain their desired goal. Sources said that proper farming method trainings have been provided to these Reang beneficiaries to manage this innovative project. It is expected that if they take proper care this dragon project then it will be a good source for their family income.

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