June 17, 2024


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Don Bosco School Celebrated Bosco Diwas.​ ​

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With the initiative of Don Bosco School authority Bosco Diwas has been celebrated here in Agartala Don Bosco School with due respect and dignity. Under the able guidance & supervision of Uma Shankar Reang, Asstt Teacher of Don Bosco School the programme has been beautified and celebrated successfully. On the occasion of the death anniversary of St. John Bosco, the one of the greatest educator of the last century this celebration has conducted in his commemoration where a large number of school dignitaries, parents and students have taken​ participation in the celebration. The event Started with a brief introduction of St. Bosco by Anjistha Debnath to cherish the knowledge of the students over this famous personality. She spoke about St. Bosco’s Preventive system of education based on assistance and accompaniment and its significance. St. John Bosco always wanted to minimize the generation gap integrating the old and the new in other words, he fostered true and genuine humanism.

According to him, Young people need to have access to education and environment to learn; opportunities to perform and grow in life keeping all the negativity at bay becoming good and honest citizens. This was followed by songs and floral tribute by the students and the staff. Our beloved Principal Fr. Sebastian Palatty addressed the gathering reminding the pupils to focus on some key points. He emphasized over the genuine human nature and advised the students to be humble, honest, truthful and diligent to do some thing better for the society. He instructed them to create fraternity and friendly mode among themselves. Aiming to youngsters he told, respect for one another, never to tell a lie, patient is a good sign for human character.

The school inculcates the Bosco System of education to the very core, this system makes a friend of the very core. This system makes friends of the pupils, who looks upon their educator as a benefactors who advises them, wishes to make them good and guide them to a better future, The school commits towards raising the leaders of tomorrow and honest citizens. As per the saint John Bosco, “For you I study for you I work, for you I live for you I am ready even to give my life.”

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