June 15, 2024


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Drinking Water Woes Hit Kaipeng Village.

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Drinking water woes hit the Kaipeng people here in Lungkam Kaipeng village under Jampuijala subdivision in Sepahijala district, Tripura. Amid rising heat the Lungkam Kaipeng Villagers  under Jampuijala RD block are  suffering and facing severe acute scarcity of drinking water at present.

As per the report, due to terrible heat natural water sources have been dried up. Women are collecting water from far off places with much difficulties. Lungkam  village is situated on hills in inconvenient circumstance for drinking water. As per the locals about 60 families are the worst victims of this drinking water problem. They are facing water scarcity especially during soaring temperature of summer and cold winter season throughout the years. In this hot season natural sources are containing little water in them. Alongside of the stream manually extracted water locally called Kuwa Or Uva were also began to dry up now. Unpurified water utility making people sick in the area. The water victim villagers have appealed to the concerned authorities to do water management for the village but no initiative till the date. The concerned authority must visit the village to see the situation and interact with the locals to solve the problem immediately, demanded the Kaipeng people.

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