May 30, 2024


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Drinking Water Woes Hit Kaipeng Villagers.

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Due to not having any proper​ management of drinking water amenity the Kaipeng hilly dwellers living in Sontang-1 village under Palku VC at Taidu under Ampi block, Gomati Tripura are using dirty germy water for drinking. The Kaipeng inhabita­nts of Sontang-1 said that the poor Kaipeng people of this village is suffering for drinking water throughout the years. In rainy season all natural drinking water sources turn totally unfit for constant shower and they have to face great trouble for drinking water. In the other hand in winter period natural sources dry up gradually. Election comes and goes, the idealism of govt. administration changes​ but the fate of needy Kaipeng people never changed; it is unabated till to the date.​ They are needy, they are deprived, they are forlorn for ever. The indigenous Kaipeng people of Sontang-1 under Ampi RD block are always dependent on natural water sou­rces as the administ­rative authority does not give concentration over their sufferings.​ When in rainy​ season all natural water sources convert totally turbid, germy & unclean to drink water from these sources they drink dirty germy water and fall in different kinds of intestinal diseases.​

Due to not having any provision of DWS project facility in the village some capable villagers installed their personal tube well but they do not give water to other villagers as it is their own family tube well. In this way those who are not having tube well go far off places to collect water from stream or fountains. The helpless Kaipeng inhabitants of this village raised allegation over the administration for not taking any solid initiative to solve their cri­tical water problem appearing in every monsoon & dry period for last many decades. So, in this circumstance they want DWS project installati­on in their village to provide them drinking water amenity throughout the years. A Kaipeng villager said, ” Our village is in hilly area and we are having this drinking water problem for last many decades. The state govt. agency always igno­res us. In dry season natural sources contain little water in them, only several pails and that is why water disappears quickly. We​ are bound to drink dirty germy water from natural stream or rain water for surviving and fall in sickness throughout the years. Specially children are the worst victims of this water scarcity. The Kaipeng families are very poor and they dot have financial status to provide proper treat­ment to their childr­en to make them ​ wholesome nor there is any hospital nearby of our localities; we are in dilemma state all the time.

The village children are always suffering from dysentery, diar­rhoea and other intestinal diseases. Even for the deficiency of water small children can’t take bath also in dry season regularly. Due to scarcity of drinking water the villagers are in great unsecured condition. The government should solve the drinking water crisis for these Kaipeng habitations in a proper way so​ that we can have pure drinking water available in dry season as well as in rainy season also.” The Kaipeng people of Sontang-1 village​ demanded immediate solution of the critical drinking water problem. The concerned DWS department should visit the village and interact with the local Kaipeng people to dispose a permanent solution of their water problem.

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