May 25, 2024


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Drinking Water Woes Hit Mountaineers.

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Due to not having any alternative management of drinking water Reang mountaineers are using rain water for drinking. Dhananjay Reang of Salka Para said that in this rainy season all natural drinking water sources have turned totally unfit for constant shower and they are in great trouble for drinking water. Election comes and goes, the idealism of govt. administration has been changed long back but the fate of needy Reang mountaineers​ remained unabated till to the date.​ They are needy, they are deprived, they are forlorn forever.

The indigenous Reang people of Salka Para under Ampi RD block are always dependent on natural water sources as the administrative authority does not give concentration over their sufferings.​ In this rainy season all natural water sources are converted totally turbid, unclean to drink water from these sources. Salka Para, Lungfung Para & Tilla Bari, Ravan Para under Ampinagar RD block in Gomati Tripura are under the crisis of drinking water in th­is rainy season.​ In the same way doctor Singh Para, Bata Para mountainous Reang habitations are suffering too for drinking water crisis at present. Due to constant rain all stream water source, well water source or fountain source have turned into muddy; Reang villagers are drinking rain water, said a local villagers. Local inhabitants of these villages raised allegation over the administration for not taking any solid initiative to solve their critical water problem appearing in every monsoon & dry period for last many decades.

These Reang habitations are in backward areas, troublesome for communication and that is why they do not get electric service also properly in rainy season. So, the DWS project also inactive to provide them drinking water amenity in summer time. Contrary during dry season all the drinking water sources naturally dry up again; and in rainy season rain water make the sources turbid and muddy. The Reang mountainous people are in dilemma condition.​ In dry season natural sources contain little water in them, only several pails and that is why water disappears quickly, said the locals.​ The innocent mountaineers do not have any alternative water source in their personal house for drinking nor they can create artificial water source for family utility. They are bound to drink dirty germy water from natural stream or rain water for surviving and fall in sickness throughout the years. Specially children are the worst victims of this water issue. The Reang families are very poor and they dot have financial status to provide proper treatment to their children to make them ​ wholesome nor there is any hospital nearby of their localities on mountain ranges. The Reang & Jamatia​ children are always suffering from dysentery, diarrhea and other intestinal diseases. Even for the deficiency of water small children can’t take bath also in dry season regularly, said locals. Due to scarcity of drinking water the villagers are in great unsecured condition. The government should solve the drinking water crisis for these Reang habitations in a proper way so​ that they can have pure drinking water available in dry season as well as in rainy season also. The Reang villagers demanded immediate solution of the critical drinking water problem.

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