June 25, 2024


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Due To Not Having Money To Consume Drug One Finished Himself.

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Due to not having money for drugs consumption one person hanged himself today. As per the report, the man was fully addicted with drugs and could not stay without drugs consumption. The suicide of this man named Rana Chakraborty of Thakur Palli, belonging to Sabroom Nagar Panchayat, caused a lot of commotion in the area. It is known that the father of the deceased is Rishikesh Chakraborty who couldn’t able to prevent his son from this dangerous tendency. Talking to the deceased’s father, it is known that for a long time, Rana Chakraborty was heavily involved in drug consumption due to which his wife and children left him and went elsewhere. On Wednesday morning, he was seen roaming in the area near his house. But suddenly Rana committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling in his room when his younger brother saw him while giving him food. Immediately the police of Sabroom police station was informed about the incident and the police of Sabroom police station went to the spot and brought the dead body to Sabroom sub divisional hospital for autopsy. 

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