June 15, 2024


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Excited Villagers Gave Deputation To PWD For Road Renovation.

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The villagers of Kasko, Sarbong and Athambhagya Para under 41 Ampinagar constituency in Gomati Tripura have jointly conducted rally raising allegation over the Amarpur PWD authority for not renovating their dilapidated road from Sarbong to Athambhagya Para via Kasko about 6.5 km distance which is a death trap for the pedestrians and all kinds of vehicles for last many years. Demanding immediate renovation of the road the villagers submitted a memorandum to the executive engineer Anup Debbarma and urged him to take a quick initiative of the project.

As per the local sources, this road is fully unfit for utility: uneven, poth­oles, side collapses and ditches in the middle of the road is the appearance of the whole distance now. During raining time it converts dead trap for vehicles and pedestrians. Rain water stands in the ditches on the road and creates heap of mud. When there is a emergency case villagers face problem for vehicles. Due to horrible state of the road drivers face uncertainty for their vehicle movement. As per the villagers, they have submitted application to the concerned Amarpur PWD authority to renovate the road​ but the consequence is zero. So, the villagers of Kasko, Athambhagya Para as well as Sarbong and its adjacent areas are suffering severely for last many years.

A villager of the locality said, “We have appealed to the concerned PWD authority many times to maintain the damaged road but the concerned authority is in slumber. The road is under state administration but due to negligence of the administration the local indigenous villagers are the worst victims of this dilapidated road. This risky road is creating tremendous woes for the deprived​ rural​ people. We want it full carpeting in this coming dry season to have relief of our villagers.” The concerned state​ administrative authorities must visit the road and interact with the local villagers to take quick initiative for its implementation. The indigenous​ villagers demanded full carpeting of this 6.5 km distance of this road to create safe communication management​ for the poor rural people of the areas.

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